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Amy Parks | How Clinical Supervision Can Be Good For Your Private Practice | TPOT 258
Dec 5 2022
Amy Parks | How Clinical Supervision Can Be Good For Your Private Practice | TPOT 258
In this episode Gordon talks with Dr. Amy Fortney Parks about the new supervision directory she started, some of her motivation around starting this new directory.  Amy and Gordon delve into how supervision can help you grow your practice plus help in "paying it forward" in our professions as counselors, therapists and social workers. Amy and Gordon talk about some of the struggles of licensure portability and how we can be better advocates of our professions as counselors and therapists.  They also discuss how providing internships in your practice can solve the problem of therapist shortages and give new graduates and opportunity to grow and build their careers.  Supervision not only help new counselors and therapists reach their goal of licensure, but it also helps build our professions and give clinicians multiple ways to grow their careers.  Read more... Resources Mentioned: Dr. Amy's Resources The Clinical Supervision Directory The Wise Family Resources Join The Practice Launch Club Today! (Use promo code PLC22 until 12/31/22 to get membership for just $59 a month) (Use the promo code "GORDON" to get 2 months of Therapy Notes free.) Find Other Great Podcasts on the PsychCraft Network Today! Be A Podcast Guest Practice of Therapy Community The Course: Google Workspace for Therapists Follow @PracticeofTherapy on Instagram Meet Gordon Brewer, MEd, LMFT Gordon is the person behind The Practice of Therapy Podcast & Blog. He is also President and Founder of Kingsport Counseling Associates, PLLC. He is a therapist, consultant, business mentor, trainer, and writer. PLEASE Subscribe to The Practice of Therapy Podcast wherever you listen to it. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter @therapistlearn, and Pinterest, “Like” us on Facebook.