In Conversation...with Jayne Allen

Jayne Allen

In Conversation with Jayne Allen is a weekly contemporary issues podcast hosted by Jayne Allen, the author of the bestselling "Black Girls..." novel series, comprised of the books titled "Black Girls Must Die Exhausted," "Black Girls Must Be Magic," and "Black Girls Must Have It All." Episodes will cover popular topics commonly discussed in the book series' diverse Global community of over 100,000 readers, including: contemporary womanhood, black culture, workplace dynamics, hair care and beauty standards, race and society, black maternal health, reproductive health and family options, mental health and emotional intelligence, modern relationships, marriage and dating, navigating the world of book publishing, art and creative careers and much more. Podcast episodes will be a combination of solo episodes hosted by Jayne, conversations with topical experts and Jayne’s author friends, along with special guests and plenty of surprises. Subscribe now because you won’t want to miss a single episode of this podcast that, just like the "Black Girls..." books series, will have everyone talking. read less
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