The Shamic

Monarey Martinez

Hi, Welcome to the Shamic Podcast. Part Shaman. Part comic. One dope healing podcast. The shamic podcast is hybrid of comedy and "spirituality." I consider myself a Spiritual Dom. I will discipline you, but I will also heal you. How? Laughter, advice, and tough love. I use my "no bullshit" lens of a stand up comic to translate experiences, messages, and texts that are all under the wheel house of mysticism, spirituality, new age religion etc. and provide a clear and more current version. If you believe in "something", and the lady at the new age store is too "woowoo" for you. Start here. I break this podcast down into three segments. 1. Gem drops: In this segment I drop gems aka insight on topics that are considered taboo, dark, or uncomfortable. I'm a firm believer in Poison into medicine baby. 2. Comedium: In this segment I share some l messages that come through in meditations. This bitch is deep. 3. Soul Prescription: In the last segment I pull a card, and interpret some advice for you to apply to your own life. LISTEN TO ME I KNOW SOME SHIT. read less