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Sex, Postpartum, and Breastfeeding
Sep 21 2022
Sex, Postpartum, and Breastfeeding
Colleen Weeks and I continue our conversation and discuss the challenges and changes in the fourth trimester, the 3-month time period after birthing a baby. Topics include hormone changes, the 6-weeks suggested for healing, why you may need lubrication for sex, and how fatigue affects sexual arousal. We also dive into breastfeeding to answer some common questions, such as does breastfeeding work as birth control, and why milk leaks or spurts with sex. You’ll hear thoughts on parenting roles, the mental load and communication strategies between partners to help you navigate this often-overwhelming season of change.For more than 40 years, Colleen Weeks has passionately worked with childbearing women and their families as a Certified Childbirth, Lactation and Sex Educator, Certified Perinatal Bereavement Counselor and Maternal Mental Health Specialist. At Kaiser Permanente Orange County’s Anaheim and Irvine Medical Center’s she is the Perinatal Education manager. Colleen serves on the Family Violence Prevention team where she piloted an (ACE’s) Adverse Childhood Experience’s project and coordinates the FVPP Ambassador program.Learn more about these topicsWhy do I bleed after a baby (video)Lube. Lube. LubePain and SexSex After BabyWhat Pelvic Health Has To Do With Painful SexStretched-out Vaginas and Other MythsYour Body After BabyMental LoadLearning to Listen to Your BodyReclaim Your Arousal MindsetScheduling SexJOIN my Newsletter Community.FOLLOW on Instagram.VISIT my Website.CALL or TEXT to submit a question: 1-714- 455-9149