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Jeffrey L. Bowman

Are you a Marketing or HR professional seeking to modernize your workplace and marketplace? ​​ Tune in to the Change Podcast by Reframe, where People Leaders share their journeys in accelerating inclusive change and growth. ​​ Discover how to shift from outdated practices to effective change management. ​ This podcast is your essential resource for accelerating inclusive change and growth that transforms your brand and business, making real impact. ​ ​Join us, listen to People Leaders stories who are unlocking their super power and making inclusive experiences no matter where they work and live. ​ ​Find more episodes at read less


Why The Practice of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Will Not Be Enough To Save Brands and Businesses
Dec 19 2023
Why The Practice of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Will Not Be Enough To Save Brands and Businesses
In the fifth and final  episode of our pilot season we're directing our focus inward by delving into the Reframe concept. Our exploration involves a profound interview with leaders who seek to redefine the essence of reframing, along with the overarching ambition to address a longstanding issue through an innovative paradigm shift of change management. This episode features conversations with both founders, Jeffrey L. Bowman, the Chief Executive Officer, and Safraz Sears, the Chief Technology Officer. Together, they share insights into the Reframe journey, its inception, and the validation process of their software solution that involved collaborating with over 40 plus Fortune 500 brands and businesses.What You’ll Learn From this EpisodeDiscover Jeffrey's in-depth exploration of DE&I, Reframe, and tech-enabled change management concepts.Learn about the historical context of DE&I, understanding its evolution and recognizing why DEI efforts faced challenges over time.Find out about the development of a 'change operating system' through Reframe, including the use of a mini cultural assessment tool available at how Safraz identified a gap in the problem Jeffrey was addressing, leading to their partnership and the development of technology to address that gap.Topics Covered:00:01- Jeffrey Getting in-depth into the concept of DE&I, what is Reframe and what is tech-enabled change management02:51 - Going back to DE&I history in the 60's and understanding how things evolve since then and why DEI efforts were lost in the process05:08 - Developing a 'change operating system' through Reframe with a mini cultural assessment tool: 08:55 - The number one thing missing why DE&I didn't work back then and how they bridge that gap and overcome the problem09:02 - Safraz sharing how they’ve found a gap in the problem Jeffrey was solving and partnered with him and started developing the technology to bridge that gap12:00 - What the journey looks like as they go through multiple iterations of the software – the cultural maturity assessment model13:05 - How this cultural maturity assessment tool that Reframe built help in identifying gaps in an organization as well as provide solution to those problems.Quotable Quote:"Nothing about corporate America was invented, designed, structured for people of color. From a corporation standpoint, what organizations needed was a transformation, and a change management approach. And that's what we've created at Reframe.” - Jeffrey Bowman“Reframe’s cultural maturity assessment, really is the first cultural assessment in the workplace that you can use today to identify those gaps within your organization and of course has the other solution in terms of treating those gaps as far as technology goes.” - Safraz Sears"I signed up to solve a large problem, and I knew it was a large problem. DE&I culture in the workplace, corporate America was all new to me. But Jeffrey has been a mentor and I learned the space, learned the gaps, and really was able to bring my technology expertise towards solving that." - Safraz SearsConnect with Safraz S. Sears:LinkedIn: Instagram:
Modernizing The Arts & Culture Sector:  Truth Telling and Creating More Equitable Spaces
Dec 19 2023
Modernizing The Arts & Culture Sector: Truth Telling and Creating More Equitable Spaces
Explore the transformative journey undertaken by the Arts and Science Council (ASC) in Charlotte, North Carolina as they navigate the complex landscape of arts funding, equity, and community engagement.Krista Terrell is an intentional, proactive, thoughtful, consistent, disciplined, focused, ethical, and proven results-driven leader with in-depth knowledge of the nonprofit arts and culture sector for over 20 years.She is a champion of and influence for representation, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.At one time, she was chosen by the Arts & Science Council (ASC) Board of Directors to serve as Acting President and later President to lead during a time of organizational change. She right-sized the organization and subleased office resulting in an 87% recovery rate over 8 years. She helped secure public and private funding that led to $1.7m investment in creative individuals, a first in the organization’s history.In this episode, Krista delves into the ASC's commitment to address historical inequities, the strategic decisions guiding their funding practices, and the challenges faced in balancing the city's economic priorities with a community-centric approach. She also brings to light the ASC's proactive initiatives, transparency, and vision for a future where the arts not only thrive but truly represent and serve the diverse and evolving population of Charlotte Mecklenburg.What you will learn from this episode:Discover an Equity Report that outlines the transparency efforts aimed at fostering trust and garnering community support for ASC's mission driven by equity.Gain insights into the challenges faced by the Arts and Science Council president and the strategic action steps taken to navigate the journey towards a more inclusive and equitable organization.Explore the pivotal role of storytelling in bringing about positive change and garnering support for the Arts and Science Council's initiatives in the arts and culture sector."We bring people along by constantly beating the drum about the importance of equity, how being equitable is mandatory for the future of arts and culture, from a participatory standpoint, but also from a funding standpoint. " - Krista TerrellTopics Covered:03:50 - Krista's professional background, her career's big influence, and how she successfully ended up in a career in PR and the arts and culture13:41 - How the Arts and Science Council originated, its mission, how it's funded23:05 - Demographic changes, ongoing challenges, initiatives to ensure funding[Culture Block Program], and fostering relationships between the arts and local community31:24 - Advocating from a top-down to a bottom-up approach, her concept of a people leader, and shift from a grind culture to intentional work37:48 - Stepping into the Arts Society Council president role: confronting funding cuts and revenue decline and bold actions she took to reshape the organization's direction43:22 - Talking about the ASC's journey towards equity as contained in an Equity Report revealing historical funding disparities and issuing a public apology for past inequities. 53:00 - Speaking the truth and being equitable even in the face of potential backlash and storytelling as a means to bring people along on the journey towards equity in arts and culture funding.61:00 - The importance of transparency and equity in funding and discussing the gap in addressing the needs of all residents in Charlotte...
The Industry Correction Heard Around The World.  What The US Supreme Court Decision Means To The Future of Education
Dec 18 2023
The Industry Correction Heard Around The World. What The US Supreme Court Decision Means To The Future of Education
The industry correction heard around the world signifies more than just legal proceedings; it marks a profound shift in the narrative of diversity, equity, and inclusion. One that will have a significant impact in the educational landscape for generations to come.Linda Talton is an Educational Consultant specializing in nursery school through college placement. Linda takes a student-first approach to recruitment and placement, with a firm conviction that a school must match a student’s learning style and interests. She believes there is a right fit for every child and family. Linda is passionate about supporting families as they navigate the admissions process of New York City schools. Linda brings over thirty years of experience in admissions, diversity and student development to School First Admission Consulting. She has served as director of admissions at Corlears School (New York), San Francisco Day School, and Live Oak School (San Francisco, CA). Linda began her career in the classroom as a kindergarten teacher, after earning her M.Ed in Administration and Policy and a BA in Human Development from Howard University in Washington, DC. Linda sincerely enjoys supporting families and students in their search for a great school fit. Wendy Wilkinson’s work in schools began 30 years ago and she has since placed hundreds of students in public, private, parochial, therapeutic schools, both day and boarding in the Bay Area as well as the greater Washington, DC area.  She has led the outreach, admissions, diversity and financial aid programs in 9 independent schools across the country. Her master’s in education counseling ensures she is always thinking of the child first. She takes great pride in building healthy and successful communities!  Now as a co-president of School First and an education consultant, Wendy works to make sure each child finds the setting where they will shine in the way that allows them to thrive.  This episode delves into Linda and Wendy's journey, sharing experiences and strategies for fostering inclusivity and diversity in schools. It also highlights the partnership between Reframe and School First, emphasizing the use of innovative tools like the Reframe's Culture Maturity Assessment Tool to gauge readiness for transformative change in the educational institutions.What you will learn from this episode:Learn about what 'School First' is and its mission to gain insights into the inspiration behind an initiative for change in school admissions.Understand the difference between integrating and genuinely transforming the school environment in order to grasp the complexities of fostering inclusivity and true transformation so impactful strategies are put in place to effect change.Examine the challenges and impact of the US Supreme Court's ruling on efforts to integrate and create inclusive environments in schools to understand the implications of legal decisions on education and explore strategies for overcoming challenges."The systems have to change, otherwise we're just going to get even louder and change is not going to happen." - Linda TaltonTopics Covered:01:52 - Linda and Wendy’s personal and professional background and their story of impacting the inclusivity and diversity advocacy in schools especially with students and their families06:10 - Difference between public and private schools, the historical emergence of private schools for wealthy white families, and the origin of public schools by former enslaved people post-slavery12:33 - The essence of 'School First' and the shared experiences in admissions at various schools that inspired its...
George Floyd, Now What?  How Restaurant Associates Is Building Inclusive and Sustainable Change at Scale
Dec 18 2023
George Floyd, Now What? How Restaurant Associates Is Building Inclusive and Sustainable Change at Scale
Are you wondering how to build inclusive and sustainable change at scale in your company? Discover how Reframe helped Courtney Willis, the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Culture at Restaurant Associates, navigate the aftermath of George Floyd's murder and create impactful change.Courtney Willis shares her journey of realizing the need for change within her organization. As an experienced operator in the food management industry, she initially hesitated to get involved in diversity and inclusion efforts. However, the events of 2020, particularly the murder of George Floyd, sparked a realization that something more needed to be done. Courtney recognized the opportunity to make a significant impact on the entire company, beyond just cultural celebrations and menuing.Courtney's decision to partner with Reframe was a game-changer. Unlike other consultants who focused on programming and statements, Reframe offered a unique change management approach. They conducted an in-depth assessment, interviewing employees from frontline associates to the C-suite. This process pushed the company's buttons and challenged their concept of DEI, going beyond unconscious bias. Reframe held them accountable and ensured that diversity, equity, and inclusion became a business strategy, not just a nice-to-have HR initiative.The results speak for themselves. Courtney's position as the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Culture was created, reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer. This demonstrates the company's commitment to making DEI a core part of their operations. With Reframe's guidance, Restaurant Associates has embraced intersectionality and continuously navigated the complexities of employee segmentation. Legal involvement and thorough vetting have ensured a safe and effective process.Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from Courtney Willis and Restaurant Associates' journey with Reframe. Discover how Reframe helped Courtney and her team create impactful change in their company. What You’ll Learn From this EpisodeWitness the positive outcome of Courtney's partnership with Reframe, including the creation of her position as the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Culture, and the hiring of additional staff to support her efforts.Witness the challenges Courtney faced in implementing change and the resistance she encountered from the executive committee.Find out how Reframe's assessment and workshops helped Courtney and her team gain a deeper understanding of the issues and the need for a comprehensive approach.Discover the importance of holding organizations accountable for diversity and inclusion initiatives and how Reframe helped Courtney's company establish a business strategy for DEI.“…having a partner like Reframe helps hold us accountable. It's not just a nice-to-have anymore; it's a must-have for our organization.”- Courtney WillisTopics Covered:02:30 -  Introducing Courtney Willis, the first Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Culture.03:00  -  Decision to seek external help with Reframe, From Food Management to Cultural Transformation: How One Company Took a Bold Step03:24 -  After the murder of George Floyd, it was realized that more needed to be done.03:44 -  Decision to contract with Reframe due to their change management approach.04:58 -  Restaurant Associates’ desire to have impact and drive change within the restaurant industry. It was recognized that diversity and inclusion is not just about people, but also community engagement and vendor management.06:28 - ...
From Subject Matter Expert to Change Agent: Navigating the Path of Diversity, Equity  and Inclusion with Lea Taylor
Dec 18 2023
From Subject Matter Expert to Change Agent: Navigating the Path of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Lea Taylor
Discover the breakthroughs and lessons learned in driving change within organizations with Lea Taylor, Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Razorfish. Her role at Razorfish involves leading their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for both their talent and clients. She collaborates with executive leadership to establish a strategic vision and drives the development and implementation of best practices to increase organizational DE&I and cultural proficiency.One of Lea's key focuses is the Inclusive Marketing Capability, where she works to enhance how Razorfish's clients digitally connect with their consumers. By leveraging her expertise in inclusive leadership and marketing, Lea helps brands transform their narratives and drive positive change.Join us as we delve into the world of inclusive leadership and marketing excellence with Lea Taylor, and discover how her trailblazing efforts are shaping the future of the industry.What You’ll Learn From this EpisodeLearn about Lea Taylor's journey in the advertising industry and her role as the Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Razorfish.Find out how Razorfish transformed its approach to diversity and inclusion in response to societal changes and the events of 2020.Learn about the importance of cultural intelligence and having difficult conversations around race, gender, and intersectionality."If we're going to build an inclusive workplace, then it requires change." - Lea TaylorTopics Covered:00:51 - Lea Taylor sharing her  professional background and Razorfish’'s commitment to inclusivity in the workplace.10:37 - Pivoting and doing purpose-driven work, defining moments that led to her life's mission14:48 - What it means to have 'change in the workplace' ,embracing her role in the diversity, equity, and inclusivity space17:09 - Overcoming challenges in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion space especially during COVID time [plus great lessons she learned]27:52 - Her guiding principle in her DE&I journey, plus where they stand now in their impact ambition, the challenges of generational differences in the workplace34:36 - At a phase of implementing the change  and how she is dealing with resistance ,Razorfish's journey is about implementation, unlocking the potential for change and striving for excellence in creating an inclusive work environment.40:19 - How the commitment and partnership between Razorfish and Jeffrey's team have been instrumental in driving meaningful change and creating a culture of inclusivity.Connect with Lea Taylor:LinkedIn: with Jeffrey L. Bowman:LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: X: