Dopey: On the Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction

Dave and Chris

Stupid Funny Addiction Stories | Recorded around New York |

Dopey 356: Heroin Bags on the Lower East Side and Sex Addiction with Clayton Patterson and Erin KharDopey 355: Confessions of a Fentanyl Dealer pt. 2 featuring Namaste at Home Dad, Heroin, RecoveryDopey 354: Tom MacDonald on Drugs, Alcohol, his Psychotic Break, Racism, Eminem and Hip HopDopey 353: Eric ‘Smelly’ from NOFX, the journey from the worst junkie Courtney love ever met to sobriety, love & acceptanceDopey 352: Busted with 10 Thousand Doses! Faked Suicide! LSD Outlaw, Author and filmmaker Seth Ferranti! ACID, WEED Plus Alan!Dopey 351: Taking Quaaludes with Eddie Van Halen - The Return of Mackenzie Phillips! Opiates, Pain, addictionDopey 350: Cooking up Meth and Starring on Baywatch with Jeremy Jackson! Relapse, Fitness, RecoveryDopey 349: The Addiction of Validation with Peter Rosenberg, Relapse , Recovery, AddictionDopey 348: The Great White Dope - Robbing Cocaine Dealers with Jack Russell, Addiction, RecoverDopey 347: Meeting Obama while on Heroin with Ryan Hampton, Opiates, Activism, Politics, RecoveryDopey 346: Fentanyl Dreamland with Sam Quinones, Erin Khar, heroin, meth, coke,Dopey 345: Dopey Down Under with Colin Hay, Jessica Kent, Alcohol, Heroin, RecoveryDopey 344: Confessions of a Fentanyl Dealer; Prison, rehab, crack, body brokering, arrests, recoveryDopey 343: Nikki Sixx, Mötley Crüe, The Heroin Diaries, The First 21,Relapse, RecoveryDopey 342: The Dark Comedy of Chloe La Branche, Alcoholism, Relapse, Recovery,Dopey 341:The Relapse and Return of Ryan Leone, Fentanyl, LSD, heroin, Relapse, RecoveryDopey 340: Brutal (Dopey) Recovery, Loz, Alcoholism, Scotland, Opera, Erin Khar, Recovery, YaleDopey 339: The return of Andy Dick! Fentanyl, Suicide, Booze, AA, RecoveryDopey 338: In the Realm of Dopey Ghosts, Gabor Mate, Linda, Maron, Weed, Heroin, DabDopey 337: Happy Dopey New Years aka The Sam Show! aka Sam’s Last Show, Crack, Booze, Relapse, Recovery