Pol and Pals

Ponyboy Pol

Pol and Pals is a podcast where I, Ponyboy Pol, interview my content creator pals who are creating the life they want to live.

As someone who is a budding content creator themselves, I occasionally deal with imposter syndrome and laziness when it comes to creating content.

After realizing that I had a lot of friends that were also creating content, I became curious about what makes them so special.

And I quickly learned... they're just like me.

Only thing is, they've figured out what they need to do to STAY CREATIVE.

So with the help of my pals, their creative journeys, and words of advice, the goal of Pol and Pals is to inspire other content creators (but really myself) to figure out what they need to do to stay creative.

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What's Pol and Pals?
Aug 30 2020
2 mins
"Find Your Balance" ft. Lee Rutledge a.k.a Kakuyon a.k.a thomTide | Artist/Producer
On episode 35, I have a very special #CreativeConversation with one of my nearest and dearest OG pals, Lee Rutledge.Lee is actually the creator of this podcast's theme music, but he's more commonly known as an up-and-coming artist/producer who actually goes by two different monikers: Kakuyon and thomTide which are both derived from his two middle names, Kakuyon and Thomas.Raised in New Jersey and currently based in San Diego, Lee became serious about creating music in high school due to inspiration from other creatives he met as a member of the track team. One of these creatives, Shotta Spence, is now a close friend, frequent collaborator, and also a former P&P guest.Initially solely focused on producing, Lee decided to start writing lyrics to his own beats and it resulted in the release of his debut album, "Now Go And Flourish" which was later followed up by his collaborative E.P., "Castling: Sky".While planning his next project, he realized that his vision wouldn't tie in well with the Kakuyon style/branding, so he decided to create a whole new alter ego as thomTide. This led to the release of his episodic album/playlist/series, "Seasons" where he released 1 song every 2 weeks for a year straight! In this episode, we discuss:路 how music was always in his bones (5:44)路 the making of "thomTide" (23:41)路 wanting to quit as a creative (31:20)路 the effect of Computer Science on his creative process (41:53)路 why being comfortable is a struggle (51:54) LISTEN TO KAKUYONLISTEN TO THOMTIDESONGS REFERENCED IN INTRO:Bag on a Bag - Shotta Spence ft. KakuyontwentySuns - thomTide WATCH ON YOUTUBEREAD NEWSLETTERFOLLOW POL AND PALSFOLLOW POL
Nov 17 2021
1 hr 3 mins
"Tell The Truth" ft. Rosanna Connolly | Founder Of Morena Communications"Utilize Your Natural Strengths" ft. Tom Boyd | Creator of Bonus Footage"Find A Mentor" ft. Julie Verhage-Greenberg | Co-Founder of Fintech Today"Live Your Life Without The Expectations Of Others" Ft. Kamil McFadden | Actor/Producer/Poet"Don't Say No To Yourself" ft. Nikita Redkar | Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter"Mastery vs. Familiarity" ft. Benji Bear | Founder of Covidopoly and Benji Bear Photography"Failing Is The Best Success" ft. JoJoe Earley | President/Founder of Earleybird TV"Never Be Afraid To Ask" ft. Kinsey Grant | Co-Founder/Host of Thinking Is Cool"Strive for WELLNESS, not FITNESS" ft. Stacey Ervin Jr. | Wellness Coach/Elite Athlete"Don't Compare. Be Aware." ft. Antwaun Stanley | Singer/Songwriter"The Power of Patience and Flexibility" ft. Donovan Colquitt | Founder of The Scholar's Key"Find The Core of Who You Are" ft. Cindy Okereke | Founder of Essence of Cin"Just Go Do It" ft. Andy Stout | Founder of Explore Adventure Lab"Go Inward if you want an Outward Result" ft. Alexis Wilson | Founder/CEO of "The Menternship""Consider Your Legacy" ft. Foxy P | Stand-Up Comedian & Founder of the African Princes of Comedy"Trust Your Gut" ft. Morrisa Jenkins | Owner/Co-Founder of Freedom Apothecary"Don't Postpone Things" ft. Brian Asher | The World Hiker"Train Your Mind and Cleanse Your Heart" ft. J.B. Armstrong | CEO of EarleyBird TV"Don't Let The Word 'Realistic' Stop You" ft. Jevon Alexander | Producer/Rapper