This is The Revolution

This Is The Revolution

The purpose of this show is to educate people on revolutionary strategy, theory, tactics, and analysis using popular culture. While there are many other podcasts and shows discussing politics and popular culture, there doesn't aren't many that actually talk about and break down the mechanisms of how social change, let alone revolution, is carried out. I believe that my 12 years of experience as a political organizer and educator, along with my lifelong nerdom, will allow me to create useful content that can hopefully inspire and support those engaged in changing the world.

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Jul 15 2020
1 min
The Sopranos and PowerFirefly and Revolutionary RobberyThe Lion King, Coups, and Revolutionary CoupsPink Floyd and Student UprisingsMean Girls and How to Overthrow DictatorsLegend of Korra and Political AssassinationsHey Arnold, Dilemma Actions, and Nonviolent ProtestAvatar The Last Airbender and RiotingRecess and How to Escalate ProtestsIntroductionMoses' Multiverse: Über Over