The Happier Dentist Podcast

Jason Koh DDS MS

Dentistry is an incredibly rewarding profession, but it can drain every ounce of energy out of you, if you let it. Join Dr. Jason Koh each week as he interviews guests able to unlock hidden wisdom and insights on what it takes to become a happier, healthier and more fulfilled dentist in areas of work, play and in life. So, if you are beginning to feel some burnout in your stage of career or want to prevent it from happening ever, come take a listen in!

Burn't Out to Zen'd Out by Doing Dentistry but Teaching Yoga w/ Dr. Diana Liu EP. 16Perfection (and Dentistry) Itself Is... Imperfection. So How Do We Deal? w/ Dr. Jessica Metcalfe EP. 15Everything You Want is Outside of Your Comfort Zone. Start With Fitness. w/ Nick Kapande EP. 14What is Breathwork and Can It Change How We Treat Patients? w/ Dr. Cristian Pavel EP. 13
Aug 4 2021
1 hr 28 mins
Removing Negative Stigmas Around Mental Health Therapy w/ Jeanie Chang EP. 12
Whats up Happier Dentist family, today, I think its important to touch on the ever so important topic of our emotional, social and psychological wellbeing - which in a nutshell is our mental health. It's been a "hot topic" as of late, but doesn't mean this is a new thing for dentists to experience. We've all heard the statistic about dentists having a high rate of suicide. Today we talk with a licensed therapist who deals with mental health scenarios in the work place. Addressing the stigma of talking about it in our communities can be an important step before seeking the appropriate person that will really help us navigate through a potentially difficult time. For the Asian doctors out there like me, we add another complex element of factors that can drastically affect our mental health, which is racism. That definitely deserves a listen as it seems to be a very relevant issue for many of us and can affect our day-to-day. Our mental health affects us as a leader in the office or as an employee and can bleed into other areas of our lives. We can and should include more discussions in the office surrounding mental health and be more proactive to remind our team that resources and support exist. Navigating COVID in the dental environment in 2021 and beyond can be more manageable simply by staying a bit more connected to the pulse of your team members and Jeanie talks about  how building rapport with your team can help them feel more comfortable to talk with you about certain things, strengthening the bond you have with them.  Disclaimer - we are talking about mental health, including the reference to suicide, anxiety and depression.  Find out more about our guest, Jeanie Chang!Jeanie's LinkedinJeanie's Website: Resources concerning mental health in the Asian CommunityAsian Mental Health Collective (AMHC)NAAAP Self-Care & Wellness (National Association of Asian American Professionals)Stop AAPI HateOther resources via Very Well Mind
Jul 28 2021
1 hr 1 min
Refilling Your Cup with Yoga, Rest and Play w/ Dr. Shivani K. Barto EP. 11
Thanks for tuning in! Today, I wanted to introduce a new friend, Dr. Shivani Kamodia Barto.  We connected over a fun conversation on Health, wellness and mindfulness through meditative and yoga practices. This will be an interesting peek seen through the eyes of a yoga instructor who began her study of it even before she started dental school and has been observing how yoga can be beneficial. She’s also someone who is ever evolving her practice to include more ways to help heal the healer. As dentists, we are often giving a good deal of our time and energy in more ways than just in our dental practice. This can be draining and isn’t a great sustainable plan to continue burning the candle from both ends. Often, the way to mitigate this is if we include self-care in a way that feeds the body and the soul through movement and breath work.  What I think is an interesting perspective to have for those go-getters out there is Why burnout will actually COST you and is a reminder to seek balance in our practice as soon as we can! Yoga is not just a way to strengthen our bodies, it can strengthen our mind and be seen as a type of moving meditation. In this episode we get into how the world of dentistry, breath work and yoga collide and how it benefits both patient and provider. We also dive in to her wonderful retreat for dentists who need to find a way to refill their cup, so-to-speak, and be pampered and taken care of because we often forget how to do this.  Alright, lets get into the episode! Find more about Shivani:- Shivani's Linktree- Shivani's Podcast "My Loupes Are Up Here" Other links to people discussed in the episode:Dr. Manuela Rodriguez- https://www.mindfuldentistrytraining.com/Dr. Diana Liu Dr. Cristian Pavel (The Dental Yogis)
Jul 21 2021
54 mins
Developing Your Team Through Effective Communications w/ Kathy Murphy EP. 10Integrating Student Loan Planning Into Your Financial Plan w/ Travis Hornsby EP. 9
Jun 29 2021
45 mins
How Emotional Intelligence Elevates your Dentistry and You, w/ Dr. Brett Gilbert EP. 8
Whats up Happier Dentist family! Today, we are going deep on some spiritual stuff.  Huh? How does that relate to dentistry you might ask? Way more than you think, but it might take an open mind to consider it because lets be real, these are some areas that totally feel esoteric and completely foreign because most likely, we weren't taught these things growing up.  No, not that "woo woo" stuff. That stuff is for weird people, right? Well.. check it out for a second. Is it really that bad, scary or weird? Being spiritual at its core just means being ultra respectful to everyone and everything. Can you imagine the world we could live in? Also in the episode, Dr. Gilbert gets to talk about some new and exciting stuff happening within the American Dental Association and their stance on mental well-being in the dental community.  He's also part of a few other amazing organizations that are about spreading self-love and care through wellness practices like breathwork and meditation.  This episode is all about having a powerful mindset that powers you through the great ups and downs we experience as a dentist and we touch on that, too. There are countless of name drops for some phenomenal people doing great things (see below) also, some are dentists that you definitely need to check out. Please be sure to click on some links below to expand your curiosity, wisdom and perspective by checking these organizations, people, books, podcasts, etc. out! Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy the episode! Find out more about Dr. Brett Gilbert! ---------------------------------------------------Click here to find out about Dr. Gilbert's very own, in-depth and comprehensive training on ROOT CANALS!And other mentions in the episode:Dental Mental NetworkAmerican Dental AssociationFrank King / Mental Health ComedianWayne DyerRam DassLewis Howes - School of Greatness PodcastDavid AttenboroughJay Shetty - ON Purpose PodcastEd Mylett - The Ed Mylett ShowJesse ItzlerBrené BrownDr. Chris Hahn / The Freedom Coach Dr. Marcus JohnsonDental Yogis Robin SharmaVishen Lakhiani / MindvalleyDean Graziosi Brendon BurchardDavid Gikandi's book: A Happy Pocket Full of MoneyOne Strange RockNext Level Trainings Emotional Intelligence Training
Jun 23 2021
1 hr 23 mins
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My apologies for the poor audio quality! Today with my guest Dr. Peter Vanicek, we jump into topics that discuss stories of life-changing moments within a dental mission trip at any stage of your career as a dentist, whether it be a student or seasoned veteran.Dr. Peter Vanicek is a volunteer dentist and trip leader in the Global Dental Relief Organization based in Colorado, USA.  They run dental mission trips to countries like Nepal, Kenya and Guatemala, just to name a few. They have a primary focus on restorative care and open the applications to anyone outside of dentistry and of all age ranges. This episode had me thinking about dental mission trips in a whole new way and I’m excited to share it with you. If you want a sneak peek, we are discussing: How dentistry is uniquely positioned to give you the opportunity to serve as a volunteer. The roles we can play in a trip and how we can prepare for it. Why a dental mission trip may not be for you, yet!What kind of transformation you will achieve just by serving in a volunteer group no matter what age group and stage of your career as a dentist you are in. What I heard: Curiosity give you the Courage which then led to Confidence as a Dentist, as a leader in your organization, and as a member of your family. Creative ways of getting your mission trip sponsoredWhat GDR is doing for COVID concernsYou can find more about Dr. Peter Vanicek on his Linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-vanicek-a6280718/To find Global Dental Relief:https://www.globaldentalrelief.org/https://www.instagram.com/globaldentalrelief/https://www.youtube.com/user/GlobalDentalRelief
May 12 2021
48 mins
Does having a warrior morning mindset result in happiness? With James Zheng. EP. 1