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This podcast is a service of the Immune Deficiency Foundation, or IDF, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life of people diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency, or PI. "Bold Conversations" is a miniseries on The IDF Podcast that explores the harsh realities of health equity in the United States. Hosted by Dr. Nicole Rochester. "Undiagnosed" is a narrative docuseries on The IDF Podcast that tells the true stories of PI patients and their long journeys to proper diagnosis and treatment. To learn more about primary immunodeficiency, the PI community, or to support IDF as a donor or volunteer, please visit the IDF website at If you have any questions you would like to be answered, email us at Special thanks to Bryson Kemp for providing the theme song for The IDF Podcast. read less

Undiagnosed Episode 1: "The Caretaker"
Mar 6 2023
Undiagnosed Episode 1: "The Caretaker"
Series premiere. On average, it takes nine to fifteen years of untreated illness to be diagnosed with and treated for a Primary Immunodeficiency. Recent studies estimate that 70 - 90% of those with PI do not yet have a diagnosis. You’re listening to Undiagnosed – an Immune Deficiency Foundation podcast. These are the true stories of the harrowing journey to diagnosis. Imagine an energetic young girl. As the oldest of four children under the age of five, she’s the caretaker of her siblings. She’s a bit of a teacher’s pet, and has an inquisitive mind. She does well in school despite being constantly on the move as the daughter of a Naval officer. She’s the type of child who goes ice skating in the winter and eats carrots straight from the garden. You’d likely never assume that a debilitating illness would alter every aspect of that young girl’s life – because that illness is invisible to everyone but her. For that energetic young girl, much of the story of her life would be colored by missed opportunities for proper care… by a complex web of unrelated but entangled health issues that pointed to a larger problem no one would understand for more than six decades. That young girl is Sandy. This journey is hers. Your support of IDF helps to ensure that people like Sandy get the advocacy, education, and community support they deserve. To donate, volunteer, or learn more about primary immunodeficiency, visit The views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of IDF, its donors, employees, or Board of Trustees. Follow IDF on social media: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: