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15 ChatGPT To Make Money - AI TikTok Trend 2023 (Nico Jeannen Interview)
Jan 15 2023
15 ChatGPT To Make Money - AI TikTok Trend 2023 (Nico Jeannen Interview)
Nico Jeannen used ChatGPT to make money - more precisely he built an AI tool to create logos. You know AI - this TikTok Trend in 2023 and 2022. In our interview episode Nico explains how he learned to code quickly and launched his artificial intelligence website to over $6000 in revenue in December 2022 (the first month)! Nico intentionally followed the AI trend and built an AI tool with his new programming skills. In our interview Nico also explained how he uses ChatGPT to make money with MakeLogo.AI. Although there are many AI tools, Nico was successful with his ChatGPT business idea. While Jordan Peterson has doubts regarding ChatGPT, artificial intelligence can be used for many business ideas! It's certainly not easy to understand AI and how it works, but like Nico, you can learn how to use AI for your business ideas to make money. With AI it's often difficult to know how to start or how to learn it. Once you learned how to use the ChatGPT AI you can quickly figure out how to make logos - like Nico with MakeLogo.AI. Or you can just create AI art using ChatGPT's artificial intelligence. Whatever you want to make with ChatGPT: This episode is certainly a great business motivation for everyone who wants to use the AI TikTok Trend to realize business ideas in 2023! Follow Nico 👇Follow Sam to learn more about entrepreneurship: Newsletter (Sam Hartmann)All NeverEmployed EpisodesTwitterYouTubeTikTokInstagramIndie HackersProduct HuntSpotifyAppleAmazon MusicGoogle Podcasts