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Anuj Desai

The cannabis industry is gaining traction across the world, as new medical discoveries, and multi-billion dollar businesses are grabbing the headlines on a regular basis. Experts predict the worldwide industry could be worth in excess of $300bn within 10 years, with Europe forming the biggest market within that, so there's plenty to get excited about. I want to find out more about what's happening, and I'm bringing you along for the ride. Join me - Anuj Desai - as I speak to a wide variety of guests who are helping to shape this nascent sector. Having interviewed over 100 guests, including patients, lawyers, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and many more, we discover how, and why, this much maligned and misunderstood plant is giving birth to a huge global business.
EPISODE #139 CBD - Hero Ingredient? with Tony Reeves, CBD Consultant and EIHA Board Member
On this week's episode, we’re joined by Tony Reeves, European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) board member, and CBD Consultant, working with regulators, the UK government and a variety of brands.We investigate changing consumer behaviours towards CBD, the latest drug delivery innovations within the sector, and the adoption of CBD within consumer packaged goods.About Tony ReevesTony is a board director & UK representative of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA); the only pan-European hemp trades association (https://eiha.org/). Since 2016 he has been representing the industry to regulators (MHRA, Home Office, FSA, HPRA, FSAI) and contributing to presentations at the European level on various matters including novel food regulations, CBD and THC levels in food, food supplements, beverages and cosmetics. He is closely engaged with numerous stakeholders in the cannabis industry across multiple geographies encompassing manufactures, brand owners, retailers and investors. He is a member of the UKAS-led ‘CBD Food Product Approval Expert Group,’ the Food & Drink Federation’s (FDF) ‘CBD Working Group and a consultant to major organisations in North America and Europe including THG.Tony was European Managing Director of what became Aurora Hemp and former Marketing Director of Leatherhead Food Research Association; providing consulting services to the global food & beverage sectors. In a later role, he led the development and launch of a new vegetarian product range securing substantial listings within both health food and general store chains. Initially, he worked within the UK Government's scientific services before leaving to establish his own specialist analytical laboratory business; achieving key supplier status with most of the UK's major multiples. Tony holds an MBA from Warwick Business School.Quotables‘The more I learned, the more I was trapped in this black hole called hemp because it's amazing stuff’ 03:36‘This industry just keeps on giving’ 19:43ResourcesJoin Tony on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonyreeves1/?originalSubdomain=ukVisit The European Industrial Hemp Organisation’s Website: https://eiha.org/Read Tony’s recent article for The Grocer titled ‘The UK has the potential to become a leading player in the CBD sector’: https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/food-safety/the-uk-has-the-potential-to-become-a-leading-player-in-the-cbd-sector/655292.article
Nov 9 2021
39 mins
EPISODE #138 European Cannabis Investing and Institutional Capital with Bek Muslimov & Nikolay Tretiyakov, Co-Founders of Leafy Tunnel
On this week's episode, we welcome Bek Muslimov & Nikolay Tretiyakov, Co-Founders of Leafy Tunnel - early stage VC firm investing in psychedelics and cannabis to combat mental health and pain disorders.We examine the European investment landscape within the psychedelic and cannabis sector, looking into the types of investors and funds operational within this space, alongside how they have changed as the market begins to build momentum.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e138About Nikolay TretiyakovNikolay is a Co-Founding Partner at Leafy Tunnel. Nikolay is an investor in ATAI Life Sciences (a biotech platform curing mental health disorders) and Iuvo Therapeutics (a European cannabis company).Prior to Leafy Tunnel, in 2013 Nikolay founded Blue Wire Capital, a multi-strategy investment firm investing in European venture funds, technology and life science companies.Nikolay holds a BA degree from the University of Wolverhampton and an MBA from the Russian Academy of National Economy.About Bek MuslimovBek is a Co-Founding Partner at Leafy Tunnel. For the past 7 years, he has been investing in European technology and life science companies. His recent investments include ATAI Life Sciences and Iuvo Therapeutics.Prior to Leafy Tunnel, Bek was the Investment Director at Blue Wire where he led investments in Monzo, Superawesome, Homehero, Ocean Harvest, and IhateironingBek is an MBA graduate of London Business School, has completed a medical neuroscience course at Duke University and holds a medical cannabis specialisation from the University of Colorado Boulder.ResourcesLeafy Tunnel’s Website: https://www.leafytunnel.com/Join Bek on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bekmuslimov/Join Nikolay on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikolaytretyakov/Follow Leafy Tunnel on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/leafy-tunnel/
Nov 4 2021
31 mins
EPISODE #137 ESG and The Cannabis Industry with Tej Virk, CEO at Akanda Corporation
On this week's episode, we welcome back Tej Virk, CEO of Akanda Corp - integrated medical cannabis company with operations in Africa and the UK.We examine the importance of ESG investments within the cannabis world, the opportunities they can bring, and the challenges that exist in this area.About Tej Virk​​Tej Virk is the CEO and Director of Akanda, an international medical cannabis company, cultivating ethically sourced cannabis in Lesotho. He started his career in investment banking, spending 15 years with BMO Capital Markets, with his final year focusing heavily on the cannabis industry. He transacted on over 100 IPOs and follow-on capital raises, including companies such as Canopy Growth Corp. and Tilray, before joining Canopy Growth Corp. in 2019, as Managing Director of Europe where he drove the multinational expansion of Canopy's European operations.  Virk then joined Khiron Life Sciences as President of Europe where he established the company’s European medical and consumer packaged goods business from scratch.Virk has earned a reputation for industry leading innovation and successful execution in the global cannabis space, including overseeing multiple European pharmaceutical and consumer product launches, bleeding-edge regulatory work, accreditation of medical education platforms for health care providers, e-commerce rollouts, multiple sector M&As, establishing telemedicine partnerships, and setting up supply chains and distribution channels in every continent. Virk was a founding member and executive group stakeholder for Project Twenty21, the UK’s largest medical cannabis study. The study published the first real-world data collected on medical cannabis in the UK, with findings indicating that legally prescribed cannabis provides clinically significant improvements in the quality of life of patients living with numerous medical conditions.Quotables‘I like to make a positive impact on society. That was one of my reasons for leaving the banking industry to to join the cannabis industry’ 4:42ResourcesAkanda Corp’s Website: https://akandacorp.com/Follow Akanda Corp on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akandacorp/?hl=enFollow Akanda Corp on Twitter:https://twitter.com/akandacorpJoin Tej on LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/tej-virk-52403769/?originalSubdomain=ukFollow Tej on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tvlondon/?hl=enFollow Tej on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tejvirkceo?lang=en
Nov 4 2021
31 mins
EPISODE #136 Social Equity In Cannabis with Yoko Miyashita & Janessa Bailey, CEO and Culture Editor at Leafly
On this week's episode, we welcome Yoko Miyashita (CEO) & Janessa Bailey (Culture Editor) from Leafly - the world’s largest cannabis information resource and technology company.We dig into the Seeds of Change report that Janessa wrote for Leafly, and discuss some of its findings around social equity in cannabis, including the impact of an unequal cannabis industry, how we are still battling the negative consequences of prohibition today, and how the cannabis industry can deliver transformative justice to those who need it most.Learn more about Janessa's Seeds of Change report here - https://www.leafly.com/news/politics/leafly-seeds-of-change-2021-report-rates-states-on-marijuana-equity→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e136About Yoko MiyashitaYoko Miyashita was appointed CEO of Leafly in August 2020 after serving as the company’s General Counsel since 2019. Yoko has spent her career serving mission-driven companies navigating complex global regulatory environments in order to bring meaningful and compelling products to market.An expert in policy and advocacy, as General Counsel, she led Leafly’s position on key regulatory, compliance and government affairs issues. She has focused on progressing Leafly’s reputation as a trusted and authoritative cannabis resource and leveraged an understanding of current cannabis regulations, and opportunities for change, to help scale Leafly’s product and sales strategy.Previously, Yoko spent 14 years at Getty Images, where she led the global legal team as SVP and general counsel. Prior to joining Getty Images, she practiced law with Perkins Coie LLP in Seattle. She holds a J.D. from the University of Washington School of Law and a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley.About Janessa BaileyJanessa was born and raised in the Midwest, and serves as Leafly's current culture editor. She has a background in content, activism, and African-American Studies. Janessa Bailey is Leafly’s culture editor, the creator of Lumen, Leafly’s digital space highlighting Black entrepreneurs, creators, and growers in the cannabis industry. Among other topics, Janessa has written about equity, cannabis businesses, and the War on Drugs. Quotables‘Journalism, medical science, political activism, economic opportunity. That's the magic of cannabis. That's what this plant holds’ - Yoko 8:45‘Leafly is part of the connective tissue of this industry, in particular in the US’ - Anuj 17:07‘For me, social equity is a means of accountability and a means of doing something new, acknowledging the gap, first of all, and then closing it, particularly in the cannabis industry, where things simply aren't balanced’ - Janessa 18:57ResourcesLeafly’s Website: https://www.leafly.com/Join Yoko on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yoko-miyashita-4829161Join Janessa on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janessabailey/Read Seeds of Change: Strategies to create an equitable cannabis industry By Janessa Bailey:https://leafly-cms-production.imgix.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/25091621/Leafly-2021-white-paper-Seeds-Of-Change-by-Janessa-Bailey-1.pdf
Oct 25 2021
41 mins
EPISODE #135 The Future of Medical Cannabis in The UK with Professor Mike Barnes, Neurologist and Chairman of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society
On this week's episode, we’re joined by Professor Mike Barnes, Neurologist, Director of Maple Tree Consultancy, and Chairman of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians SocietyWe explore the future of Medical Cannabis in the UK by investigating current prescribing practices, stakeholder challenges, and how the government can help develop the industry.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e135About Professor Mike BarnesProfessor Mike Barnes is a neurologist and cannabis physician. He has worked in cannabis for 20 years, initially with GW Pharma on the first cannabis medicine - Sativex. He oversaw the first UK cannabis prescription for the child Alfie Dingley in 2018 and, after the law change in November 2018, then launched the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society in November 2018 which now has over 250 clinical members. In 2021 he launched the Cannabis Industry Council with over 100 members across the sector. He runs a medical cannabis consultancy with Hannah Deacon who is the UK's best-known campaigner and mother of Alfie Dingley. He is the Clinical Director of the T21 project.Quotables‘[Cannabis’] medical history is actually more prominent and more robust… than its recreational history’ 09:36‘It's down to education. And I think it's Tony Blair that said, education, education, education. And that's the same with cannabis. It's absolutely essential to educate the doctors first, educate politicians after say second, but it's mainly the conservatism of medical professionals holding it back now’ 27:45ResourcesThe Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society Website: https://www.ukmccs.org/Professor Barnes' LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-barnes-6048b223/Maple Tree Consultants LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-barnes-6048b223/#Cannabis Industry Council Website: https://cannabisindustrycouncil.org/Professor Mike Barnes’ Website: https://www.profmichaelbarnes.co.uk/
Oct 18 2021
39 mins
EPISODE #134 Cannabis Travels with Joe Dolce, CEO of Joe Dolce Communications
On today’s show, we’re joined by Joe Dolce - Journalist, Podcaster, Author, and Founder of media training company Joe Dolce CommunicationsIn this episode, Joe shares his personal journey through the world of cannabis charting the experiences and events that informed his book, Brave New Weed, published in 2017 by HarperCollins.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e134About Joe DolceJoe Dolce is the founder and CEO of the MedicalCannabisMentor.com online education platform, with courses for healthcare practitioners, dispensary personnel and patients. He is also the author of Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis, which was published to critical acclaim in 2017 and hosts the Brave New Weed podcast, which boasts an international audience of first movers, industry experts and rabble rousers with a deep interest in high-minded conversations about the plant and its many applications. Before entering the world of medical cannabis, Joe worked at the highest level of media. He is founder anc CEO of Joe Dolce Communications, one of New York City’s most highly regarded Presentation & Media Training companies, and was editor-in-chief of Details magazine. He was a contributing editor at Gourmetand has written for T: The New York Times Magazine, New York, Rolling Stone, Travel & Leisure, Departures, plus dozens of other top-tier publications. He has an MA from New York University and a BA from Northwestern University.ResourcesJoe Dolce Communications Website: https://www.joedolce.com/Join Joe on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joedolce1/
Oct 4 2021
36 mins
EPISODE #133 The War on Drugs with Dr. Peter Grinspoon, Primary Care Doctor and Medical Cannabis EducatorEPISODE #132 Cannabis and Professional Sport with Dominic Day & George Kruis, Co-Founders of fourfive CBD
This week, we welcome back  Dominic Day & George Kruis to the show, international Rugby players, and Co-Founders of wellness brand for athletes - fourfive CBD.We examine the changing attitudes towards cannabis in professional sport, how CBD can be used to aid recovery from sports injuries, and how regulators view the substance.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e132About George KruisGeorge Kruis is a professional rugby player with 12 years of experience playing International and club level rugby. His love for the sport and his exceptional skills have led him to not only gain three European titles and four Premiership trophies for English Premiership club Saracens; but also achieve over 45 caps for England during 2 World Cups and a British and Irish Lions tour.About Dominic DayDom Day was a professional rugby player for 14 years. He played in the 2015 Rugby World Cup for Wales, and has over 250 top flight games to his name. His long rugby career has taken him around the globe to places including Australia and Japan, finishing his career as a proud member of the English Premiership club Saracens where he fell in love with George & CBD.Quotables‘Nutrition is a hard market to break into… you have to be a cut above the rest’ 09:50‘There is a necessity to look beyond painkillers and opioids’ 17:50ResourcesVisit fourfive CBD’s Website: https://fourfive.com/Join Dominic on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dominic-day-7a8a7770/Join George on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/george-kruis-400032b9/Follow fourfive CBD on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fourfiveuk/?hl=en
Sep 8 2021
30 mins
EPISODE #131 Cannabis in Africa with Sibusiso Xaba, Co-founder and CEO at Africa Cannabis Advisory Group
Sep 8 2021
30 mins
EPISODE #130 The Future of Clinical Trials in Cannabis with Jaspreet Grewal & Sabrina Ramkellawan, Founders of Knowde Group
This week, we’re joined by Jaspreet Grewal & Sabrina Ramkellawan, founders of Knowde Group - Canadian contract research organisation and hybrid consultancy specialising in plant-based therapeutics and psychedelics.In this episode, we explore the complexities of clinical trials within the cannabis industry, including barriers to entry, the three phases of clinical trials, how to navigate the regulatory landscape, and access to funding.About Jaspreet Grewal  MBA, MSc, CCRPJaspreet Grewal is an accomplished clinician, researcher and venture partner bringing over 15 years of experience to companies focused on the Life Sciences. Throughout her career, she has held various positions with increasing responsibilities in various healthcare roles resulting in a broad skillset and robust healthcare and investment network while working in Canada, the US, the UK, the Cayman Islands, and Bermuda. Jaspreet holds a Master’s in Clinical Vision Sciences from Georgetown University, an Executive Certificate in Public Health from Harvard University and an MBA from the London School of Economics and Political Science.She is considered an expert in Healthcare and Regulatory Strategy and is a passionate advocate for building Alberta’s Life Science ecosystem. She has successfully merged her expertise in innovation, research and finance to become a dynamic leader not only nationally but internationally. Her current roles and affiliations include:Co-Founder & CEO, Knowde Group (Canada, UK and Australia)Founder & CEO, Venn Consulting (Canada)Board Director, BioAlbertaEntrepreneur in Residence, Innovate Calgary (Medical Cannabis)Global Lifesciences Consultant, Calgary Economic DevelopmentExternal Advisor to the Vi Riddell Pain & Rehabilitation Centre, Alberta Children’s Hospital  About Sabrina RamkellawanSabrina has over 20 years of clinical research experience in pharma, medical devices, natural health products and plant-based therapeutics including cannabinoids. She has held positions at or advised some top pharmaceutical, cannabis, psychedelic, and research companies. Sabrina has conducted and supported 11 cannabis research studies to date. She has previous experience leading operations at large scale global Contract Research Organisations including INC Research (now Syneos Health) as well as building successful speciality clinics. Sabrina is also passionate about education and has helped to build and currently teaches the first Certified Cannabis Educator Program at Michener Institute of Education at UHN. She has been and continues to be a speaker in the area of research and plant-based medicine. Prior to her role at Knowde Group, she was the VP of Clinical Affairs at TerrAscend Canada which is a licensed producer. In her role as Chief Operating Officer at Knowde Group, she is focused on all aspects of conducting research specialising in plant-based therapeutics and psychedelics. ResourcesJoin Sabrina on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabrinaramkellawan/?originalSubdomain=caJoin Jaspreet on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jkgrewal/Follow Knowde Group on Twitter: https://twitter.com/knowdegroupKnowde Group’s Website: https://www.knowdegroup.com/
Sep 7 2021
40 mins
EPISODE #129 Exploring The Entourage Effect with Dr. Paola Cubillos, Cannabis Doctor and Educator
This week, we’re joined by Dr. Paola Cubillos - Colombian-Canadian integrative medicine physician, Medical Cannabis doctor and educator.We investigate the existing theory and evidence base behind the concept of ‘The Entourage Effect’ as coined by Professor Raphael Mechoulam, alongside the data we need to be able to validate the hypothesis.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e129About Dr. Paola CubillosDr. Paola Cubillos is a Colombian-Canadian physician, who specializes in integrative medicine. Dr. Cubillos is a graduate from the Universidad del Rosario in Colombia, and holds a postgraduate degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Canada.In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Paola has worked in the research field, focusing on broadening the knowledge base in relation to medical cannabis evidence-based applications. She currently offers independent consulting services on research and medical affairs to medical cannabis producers.Dr. Cubillos is a recognized national and international lecturer on issues related to the evidence-based use of medical cannabis and the ethical implications of medical cannabis use and research. She is faculty of several medical cannabis diplomas offered in several universities and independent organizations in South America, such as Universidad del Rosario in Colombia, Universidad de Rosario in Argentina, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Perú, Edcannamed in Ecuador and CAMEDA  in Argentina. Dr. Cubillos is also part of the peer review committee of the Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine. Dr. Paola has been president of the research ethics committee of the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Canada and of the research ethics committee of the Clínica Las Américas in Medellín, Colombia, and is currently a member of the Research Ethics Committee of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Cubillos is a founding member and member of the board of directors and the scientific leader for the Pro Cannabis Colombia Association- Procannacol, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Asociación Médica Colombiana de Cannabis Medicinal - ASOMEDCCAM.Quotables“We cannot pretend that by learning or knowing the function of the endocannabinoid system, we can expect cannabis to work in the same way” 10:20“It is the responsibility of everybody in the industry to collect as much standardised data from these products as possible so we can keep feeding [the amount of] data” 30:40
Sep 7 2021
36 mins
EPISODE #128 Canadian Medical Cannabis with Shahbaaz Kara-Virani Canadian Sales Leader at dutchie
This week, we’re joined by Shahbaaz Kara-Virani, Canadian Sales Leader for dutchie - a technology platform providing e-commerce solutions for dispensaries. Shahbaaz is also a Founding Member of the Ontario Cannabis Policy Council.Our discussion explores the complex history of the Canadian medical cannabis market, the blurry line between recreational and medical cannabis use, and where the illicit market fits in.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e128About Shahbaaz Kara-ViraniShahbaaz's mission is to help create global accessibility in the cannabis industry. He is a community builder who focuses on facilitating discussions between retailers, brands, cultivators, budtenders, and everything in between. Currently, he is the Canadian Leader at dutchie, and a founding member of the Ontario Cannabis Policy Council, helping shape cannabis legislation in Canada's most populous province. Prior to joining dutchie, Shahbaaz spent six years at Salesforce and 18 months as the Head of Sales at Lift, a key player in helping drive the early days of Canadian Cannabis. In addition, he is a co-founder/player on the Canadian Beach Soccer team, and the cannabis channel moderator for the Pavillion.Quotables‘The biggest gap in our industry is… accessing reliable information’ 19:45‘[When recreational cannabis was legalised] everyone forgot about the medicinal market’ 20:00‘There isn’t much of a difference between recreational and medical products’ 23:20ResourcesJoin Shahbaaz on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shahbaaz-kara-virani-51936b30/?originalSubdomain=cadutchie’s Website: https://dutchie.com/Follow dutchie on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/getdutchie/Follow dutchie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wearedutchie/
Sep 2 2021
34 mins
EPISODE #127 Medical Cannabis: Scientific Evidence with Sandra Carrillo MD, Professor of Medical Cannabis Research & Education at University of PanamaEPISODE #126 Cannabis Compliance with Marion Mariathasan, CEO and Co-Founder of Simplifya
This week, we’re joined by Marion Mariathasan, CEO and Co-Founder of Simplifya - leading Cannabis Compliance Software provider based in the USA.We explore the importance of being legally compliant for licensed cannabis businesses, alongside how Simplifya’s acclaimed suite of compliance solutions can take the guesswork out of complex, industry-specific regulations.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e126About Marion MariathasanMarion Mariathasan is the CEO of Simplifya, the cannabis industry’s leading regulatory and operational compliance software platform. The company’s suite of products takes the guesswork out of confusing and continually changing state and local regulations. Featuring SOPs, badge tracking, document storage, tailored reporting and employee accountability features, the company’s Custom Audit software reduces the time clients spend on compliance by up to 45 percent. Marion is also a serial entrepreneur, who has founded, invested in or been an advisor to more than a dozen start-ups. He is a regular guest speaker at events such as Denver Start-Up Week, Colorado University's program on social entrepreneurship and the United Nations Global Accelerator Initiative. Mariathasan studied Architecture and Computer Science at the University of Kansas and Computer Information Systems and holds a minor in Business Management at Emporia State University. He enjoys time with his family, cooking spicy Sri Lankan cuisine, traveling, and connecting with people.Quotables‘When you stop innovating and you stop progressing, you’re not serving yourself or your clients’ 10:00ResourcesFollow Marion on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marionmariathasan/Follow Simplifya on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/simplifya/Simplifya’s Website: https://www.simplifya.com/
Aug 20 2021
29 mins
EPISODE #125 Testing and Quality Control with Sébastien Béguerie - Cannabis Scientist, Entrepreneur, and Innovator
This week, we’re joined by Sébastien Béguerie, entrepreneur and founder of Kanavape, Alpha-Cat and Golden Buds. Together we examine the methodologies and tests involved in the quality control of cannabis, their challenges, and the barriers to achieving consistent quality. Sébastien also shares his reflections on the Kanavape case - a significant milestone for the European CBD industry.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e125About Sébastien BéguerieSebastien is one of Europe’s leading experts in medical cannabis and CBD with more than 10 years of experience in cannabis production, regulation, education, and advocacy. Sébastien Béguerie holds an MSc in Plant Sciences, from Wageningen University Research in The Netherlands where he was kindly sponsored by Bedrocan. In 2009, he co-founded the first national medical Cannabis French patient association -  "l' Union Francophone pour les Cannabinoids en Médecine” (UFCM). Together with the association, Sébastien organises the international medical Cannabis conference in Strasbourg. In 2011 Sébastien founded his Alpha-cat in Europe, who manufacture cannabinoid testing kits and CBD products. In 2015, Sébastien created and launched the famous Kanavape brand in Europe which was the first CBD -cigarette to be sold in the region. In 2020 Sebastien started Golden Buds a new CBD brand mixing Californian CBD product innovation, with French luxury.ResourcesFollow Sébastien on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastienbeguerie/?originalSubdomain=frFollow Sébastien on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alphacat_420/?hl=enGolden Buds Website: https://www.goldenbuds.eu/Alpha-Cat Website: https://www.alpha-cat.org/
Aug 13 2021
33 mins
EPISODE #124 The Importance of Branding with the Senior Management Team at South West Brands
This week, we’re joined by Rebekah, Hannah, Fran and Jolyn -  the senior management team at cannabis consumer goods firm, South West Brands.In this episode we explore the firm’s unique community-centric, value driven approach to brand building within consumer goods, upcoming opportunities for growth for cannabis brands in the health and wellness space, and the challenges of marketing CBD brands.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e124About South West BrandsSouth West Brands is laser focused on monetising the ‘last mile’ of the cannabis supply chain (brand, route to market and consumer engagement), whilst raising the bar – away from the fledgling early stage CBD players that currently operate in the market place, to a new level of powerful and pioneering consumer brands with a global reach and an ability to truly touch people. With a world class team of experts in cannabis / CBD, brand building, consumer goods, licensing, value creation and finance unrivalled anywhere in the CBD industry, South West Brands is at the forefront of building the next generation of cannabis consumer brands.Quotables[CBD] is a huge opportunity, which I think is the most exciting thing to happen to consumer products in our lifetime. 09:05[A brand only works when] you have something which looks beautiful but it is powered by value and purpose. 29:00Resources South West Brands Website: http://southwestbrands.co/Follow South West Brands on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/south-west-brands-ltd/Follow South West Brands on LinkedIn: https://www.instagram.com/southwestbrands/?hl=en
Aug 6 2021
44 mins
EPISODE #123 Setting Standards in Cannabis with Darwin Millard, Cannabis Industry Consultant
This week, we’re joined by Darwin Millard (aka. ‘The Spock of Cannabis’) - Cannabis Industry Consultant, thought leader, Executive Committee Member of ASTM International’s Technical Commitee.In this episode we explore why standards are needed to regulate the cannabis industry, including how they are set, defined and contribute to consumer safety.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e123About Darwin MillardDarwin Millard is an active member of ASTM International’s technical committee D37 on Cannabis which is an international group dedicated to the development of voluntary consensus standards for the global cannabis/hemp industry. Darwin is the Subcommittee Vicechair of D37.04 on Processing and Handling of Cannabis and Cannabis-derived Products, and the Co-chair of Subcommittee D37.07 on Industrial Hemp. He has been active in cannabis policy change and an advocate of the cannabis plant for over a decade. Darwin Millard specializes in mechanical and solvent based extraction methodologies for isolating highly volatile terpenophenolic secondary metabolites from botanicals. For the past 15-years, Darwin has been focusing on the extraction and  manufacture of nutraceutical products comprising of phytocannabinoids and other bioactive constituents from the cannabis plant. He works with clients to design and implement cost-effective built-for-purpose phytocannabinoid processing and herbal product manufacturing solutions.QuotablesCannabis is an industry that is [going to be] sticking around, whether you’re talking about the marijuana or the hemp side of the coin. It's a vibrant industry that is only going to be growing. The more we can make that legitimate by providing a foundational framework with standards, the easier it’ll be for people to take it on as a legitimate career path. 03:45ResourcesJoin Darwin Millard on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darwinmillard/TSOC Consultancy: https://thespockofcannabis.com/Follow Darwin on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thespockofcannabis/
Jul 30 2021
41 mins
EPISODE #122 The Cannabis Investment Landscape with Karan Wadhera, Founder and Managing Partner at Casa Verde Capital
This week, we’re joined by Karan Wadhera, Founder and Managing Partner at Casa Verde Capital, US based venture capital fund focusing exclusively on the cannabis industry. In this episode we learn how the VC fund is helping to support and develop ancillary businesses, alongside serving the diverse needs of the cannabis industry. Karan also gives us an overview of the cannabis investment landscape in the USA, including what VCs are looking for and investor types.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here:https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e122About Karan WadheraCasa Verde Capital is the premier venture capital firm in the cannabis industry. Karan is the firm’s Managing Partner responsible for investment strategy, fundraising, and portfolio anagement. He provides leadership and guidance as a Director on the board of 10 cannabis companies.During his tenure at Casa Verde, Karan has been responsible for raising & deploying over $150mm across his vehicle & co-invests in over 20 portfolio companies, which have collectively raised more than $500mm in funding. As an established thought leader in the space, Mr. Wadhera has been featured in numerous mainstream press outlets and conferences, including the Milken Global Conference, Wall Street Journal, Barrons,  CNBC, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Financial Times, and more.Prior to Casa Verde, Mr. Wadhera held senior roles at Goldman Sachs and Nomura in domestic and international markets such as New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Mumbai. While in India, Karan was part of the founding team of Goldman’s India Equities business. Furthermore, Karan is an active private investor and advisor to a number of young companies around the world; he co-founded MissMalini.com, one of India's most well-known digital media and entertainment brands. Similarly, Karan was an early investor in Steadview, which is now the world’s largest India dedicated hedge fund. Karan is a Boston native and received his BA from Babson College.ResourcesJoin Karan Wadhera on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karan-wadhera/Follow Casa Verde Capital on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/casa-verde-capital/Casa Verde Capital’s Website: https://www.casaverdecapital.com/
Jul 23 2021
42 mins
EPISODE #121 How Do You Fit Cannabis Into Western Medicine? with Dr. Ruth Fisher, Co-Founder of CannDynamics
How Do You Fit Cannabis Into Western Medicine?This week, we’re joined by Dr. Ruth Fisher, economist, Co-Founder of CannDynamics and author of The Medical Cannabis Primer.In this show, we explore the market drivers behind the western medical system and its commoditisation of pharmaceuticals, alongside some of the difficulties and complexities faced integrating medical cannabis into the rigid international healthcare system.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e121About Dr. Ruth FisherDr. Ruth Fisher, PhD, has 25 years of experience in the technology and healthcare industries, analyzing information for most participants in the healthcare system. She has experience with patient health and behavior; drug company research, sales, and patterns of use; healthcare provider (hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, physician offices) expenses, processes, billing, and patient information; and insurance company patient premiums and provider reimbursements. She has worked on behalf of biotech companies, early-stage biotech researchers, physicians, and healthcare technology start-ups.Dr. Fisher came to cannabis in 2015 to help her brother figure out how to use medical cannabis to address his MS-induced neuropathic pain. Since she found cannabis, she has become an ardent researcher and advocate for medical cannabis use. As an economist, she’s also fascinated by cannabis technologies and market dynamics – how the industry is evolving in medical and recreational use, and how well the industry is serving market participants.Dr. Fisher and her brother, Art Fisher have published The Medical Cannabis Primer: Ushering in the golden Age of Marijuana, and they have an online certificate course, Medical Cannabis Fundamentals.Dr. Fisher is also author of Winning the Hardware-Software Game: Using Game Theory to Optimize the Pace of New Technology Adoption.  She holds a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago. ResourcesJoin Dr. Ruth Fisher on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rfisher/Follow CannDynamic on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/canndynamics/about/CannDynamics Website: https://canndynamics.com/
Jul 13 2021
48 mins
EPISODE #120 Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome with Dr. Ethan Russo, Founder of Credo Science
What is Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)?This week, we welcome back Dr. Ethan Russo, physician, researcher, and leading expert in the field of Medicinal Cannabis. In this episode, Dr Russo shares the latest research and findings of the largest study on CHS to date - in which his team identified 6 potential genetic targets to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition.→ View full show notes, summary, and access resources here: https://www.canverse.global/shownotes/e120About Dr. Ethan RussoEthan Russo, MD, is a board-certified neurologist, psychopharmacology researcher, and Founder/CEO of CReDO Science https://credo-science.com Previously he was Director of Research and Development for the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, 2017-19, Medical Director of PHYTECS, 2015-2017, and from 2003-2014, Senior Medical Advisor, medical monitor/study physician to GW Pharmaceuticals for numerous Phase I-III clinical trials of Sativex® and Epidiolex®.He was a clinical neurologist in Missoula, Montana for 20 years. He has held faculty appointments in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Montana, and in Medicine at the University of Washington. He is author/editor of seven books and has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles.ResourcesJoin Dr. Russo on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ethan-russo-md-468b19a/View Dr. Russo’s clinical research papers: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ethan_RussoCReDO Science Website: https://credo-science.com/Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Survey and Genomic Investigation Paper: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34227878/
Jul 8 2021
36 mins