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We Are An African Creative Economy Podcast. The Creator Podcast is a dialogue platform on the creator economy in Africa. If you’re an African brand looking to work with online creators, broadcasters, or new media enthusiasts [ or vice versa], then this podcast is for you. Each week we talk to creators who have shaped the way people create and consume content on the global stage. We also talk to brands and brand managers in Africa. We seek to create a synergy between BRANDS & CREATORS. Ensure to follow us so as not to miss out on any episode. read less

Understanding Brand Deals & How You Can Get Them As A Creator
Mar 8 2022
Understanding Brand Deals & How You Can Get Them As A Creator
There is a general, and misinformed, consensus across mainstream media that every creator is making millions of pounds from their bedrooms. Instead of focusing on the quality of content or work that goes into it, traditional media has fallen into the cycle of only focusing on how much money everyone is making and how they are doing it. It’s no secret that as creators become more high profile, brands are eager to get their hands on channels to use as advertising space. We see all types of sponsored videos across digital platforms – product placement in hauls, interviews with celebrities to promote a movie, and trips to events and cities funded by various companies. The idea that numbers (views and subscribers) equals piles and piles of money is simply not true. While Google AdSense revenue from views does contribute to a content creator’s income, the reality is that unless you upload regularly (two or three times a week) and are hitting millions of views on each video, you won’t be earning a sustainable income.  This is where brand deals come in. Brands are constantly looking for influencers to promote their products and services. If you have an audience that matches the target audience of a brand, and you have a great relationship with your audience, you are halfway to getting a brand deal. Brand collaboration is one way a content creator can monetise their efforts, but it’s a competitive space. Advertisers routinely sift through throngs of influencers and just a fraction are usually chosen for campaigns. Have a listen.