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The SteelFlyers Podcast Episode 13
Sep 17 2020
The SteelFlyers Podcast Episode 13
GET YOUR MOTOR RUNNING TURN UP THAT VOLUME ITS TIME for YOUR HOST STEELFLYERS!! That is is your lovely and delightful co-host RoNece! We are super excited about the show as we have a lot of Great things to talk about in this episode.Monday Night Football saw the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the New York Giants and all eyes where on Big Ben's return!The Big 10 has reversed its decision of not playing this year and will have games starting the weekend of October 24th and what will this mean for the Nittany Lions!!Dallas Stars have defeated the Knights and are waiting for the winner of the Tamp Bay vs. NY Islanders series for the Stanley Cup! A Huge Shout out!  1.  A very big CONGRATS to FLYERS NITTY GRITTY! They now have a shop that you can get some of that awesome swag you have seen in some of my videos. I purchased my hoodie so I cannot wait to show it off once it arrives. That is a big step being able to sell great stuff and now they can offer you their fans some cool stuff. 2. SteelFlyers would like to thank Jamey Baskow for showing me how a PRO operates. It has been a real blessing getting to know you and your great team over these last few months. I can only dream of the great things to come!! 3. SteelFlyers would like to take some time to thank the crew at Flyers Nitty Gritty for all of their support. I would like to thank Lance Green for appearing on not one but two shows. It was an awesome pleasure and he has a standing invitation. I would like to thank this group because of the great people that are behind it and in front of it for that matter. 4. Joe Borek, man…you are the Professor indeed. Your deep knowledge is something that is still amazing to behold sometimes….I keep finding myself going…how does he know all that?? You have been a very large part of things here at SteelFlyers and I cannot thank you enough. 5. Pearlo…buddy….you prognosticator you!! You where the one that gave me my first video shot. You took a chance on me and basically allowed me to cut my teeth doing shows with you. THANK YOU to The Overview Effect for providing the great new music on this episode! Please follow me on twitter at @Steelflyers52. You can also follow me on Facebook as well as the web site at