High Five for Hemp

Martin Lindeskog and Adam Tinkoff

Co-hosts, Martin and Adam share their personal journeys and explorations on the use of the Cannabis Sativa plant, e.g., CBD oil, and hemp capsules. We talk about the different uses of industrial hemp and medical marijuana products becoming more available to mass markets, what is going on with the research and development in this field, the historical cultivation of hemp, new small business opportunities for the future, and having a discourse on the rules and laws regarding the production of industrial hemp, ("crack")pot politics, legalization, etc. We will also invite guests and experts in the field, to the show. We are also interested in talking with fellow content creators and podcasters, potential partners, and sponsors for the show.
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Welcome to High Five for Hemp!
High Five for Hemp Fashion
Martin and Adam unpack the emerging economy of hemp fashion, exploring the issues, challenges, and exciting progress made by companies like Levi's and Patagonia in this field. Thanks for listening to the show. Show notes with links to articles, blog posts, products and services: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fashion_(David_Bowie_song) (Fashion (David Bowie song)) https://amzn.to/3kBUL9Z (Women Pure Color Soft Cotton Hemp Silk Infinity Scarf Travel Sunscreen Pashmina Shawl Long Big Scarves) - Amazon [affiliate link] https://www.hempgrower.com/article/fashion-cotton-hemp-fabric-fiber-patagonia/ (How Fashion is Helping Hemp Fiber Get Back on Track) - HempGrower https://sourcingjournal.com/denim/denim-brands/levis-cottonized-hemp-organic-cotton-sustainability-report-fiber-innovations-302998/ (Levi's Targets More Hemp, Sustainable Cotton In Jeans) - Rivet, Sourcing Journal https://www.renewcell.com/en/circulose/ ("Circular cellulose" Circulose®) - Renewcell https://sourcingjournal.com/denim/denim-innovations/cottonized-hemp-farm-cotton-alternative-sustainable-denim-endrime-orta-anadolu-214250/ (Experts Bet Big On The Future Of Using Cottonized Hemp In Denim) - Rivet, Sourcing Journal https://player.captivate.fm/episode/4b09259c-97f8-40b0-b41d-ea5c3b407692?t=1698 (Elisabeth Bövik's prediction about future clothing material (in Swedish)) - Viktigt på Riktigt poddradio (Timestamp: 28 min.) https://hemp.captivate.fm/shirt (High Five for Hemp merchandise) https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/high-five-for-hemp-1967084?utm_source=captivate&utm_medium=podcast_page&action=rate (High Five for Hemp on Podchaser) Episode 8 (27 minutes) was recorded at 10 PM CET, on November 14, 2021, with https://backpackstudioapp.com/backpacklive (Backpack Studio Live). Post-production through https://www.descript.com/ (Descript). Support this podcast
Nov 15 2021
27 mins
Happy Halloween with Hempcrete
Martin and Adam celebrate Halloween by discussing the fascinating alternative building product, Hempcrete. If you like this program, please consider following us with your favoritehttps://podcastindex.org/apps ( podcast 2.0 application). Thanks for listening to our show. Show notes with links to articles, blog posts, products and services: https://happs.tv/post/PLbMhRxVcdrVMe4EPe7g (High Five for Hemp on Happs) https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/27/us/halloween-candy-thc-marijuana.html (That Tainted Halloween Candy Myth Just Won’t Go Away) - The New York Times https://omny.fm/shows/ched-mid-morning/that-tainted-halloween-candy-myth-just-won-t-go-aw (That Tainted Halloween Candy Myth Just Won’t Go Away) - CHED Mid-Morning with Shaye Ganam https://youtu.be/PSUkaBB67R4 (Why won’t the ‘tainted Halloween candy’ myth go away?) - KGW News https://www.npr.org/2021/10/27/1049383496/state-attorneys-general-halloween-marijuana-snacks?t=1635993976863 (State attorneys general issue a warning for Halloween about marijuana-type treats) - NPR https://www.linkedin.com/posts/clara-norell-12212411_hemp-regulation-continues-to-change-activity-6860899675617210368-qajB/ (Feedback from listener, Clara Norell on LinkedIn) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hempcrete (Hempcrete (hemplime)) - Wikipedia https://greenbuildingcanada.ca/2017/advantages-building-hempcrete/amp/ (6 Advantages of Building With Hempcrete) https://ensia.com/features/hemp-hempcrete-construction-concrete-crops-co2/ (Of Hemp's Many Uses, One Of The Most Promising Could Be In Construction) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Innovator%27s_Dilemma (The Innovator's Dilemma) - Wikipedia https://www.dezeen.com/2021/07/15/carbon-sweden-economic-impacts-environmental-ruling-cement-plant/ (Sweden faces "very serious" economic impacts as environmental ruling threatens cement plant) https://youtu.be/cm23l_VLyp4 (Hemp Concrete Walls (R30 + Fireproof) - You Won't Believe How They Built This House!) https://youtu.be/9d_wsoZS6j0 (Building with Hemp – An Incredible Natural Insulation & Sustainable Material) https://hemptoday.net/hemp-retrofit-of-century-old-home-is-first-in-pennsylvania-project/ (Hemp retrofit of century-old home is first in Pennsylvania project) - HempToday https://hemp.captivate.fm/shirt (High Five for Hemp merchandise) https://discord.com/invite/rwNC8mU858 (High Five for Hemp on Discord) Episode 7 (28 minutes) was recorded at 10 PM CET, on October 31, 2021, with https://happs.tv/invite/@Lyceum (Happs). Post-production through https://www.descript.com/ (Descript). Support this podcast
Nov 3 2021
28 mins
Hemp Regulation Continues to Change
Martin and Adam discuss recent changes in hemp regulation that will impact consumers. This episode was https://happs.tv/post/JmgxNi8Wf1KwjCS9qUrE (recorded live on HAPPS.TV on October 17, 2021). Thanks for listening to the show. Buy our shirt to support our work: https://hemp.captivate.fm/shirt (https://hemp.captivate.fm/shirt) Show notes with links to articles, blog posts, products and services: https://www.svenskhampaindustri.com (Swedish Hemp Industries) https://www.agmrc.org/commodities-products/fiber/industrial-hemp (Industrial Hemp - Agricultural Marketing Resource Center) https://www.cannabislegalhighlights.com/2021/09/five-takeaways-from-californias-new-state-industrial-hemp-bill/?utm_source=Mondaq&utm_medium=syndication&utm_campaign=LinkedIn-integration (Five Takeaways From California’s New State Industrial Hemp Bill - Cannabis Legal Highlights) https://budpop.com/blogs/news (BudPop) https://podcastindex.org/podcast/4077038 (High Five for Hemp on Podcast Index) https://blog.feedspot.com/industrial_hemp_podcasts/ (Best 10 Industrial Hemp Podcasts - Feedspot) https://whatishemp.com/blog/a-6-step-guide-to-industrial-hemp-processing/ (A 6-Step Guide to Industrial Hemp Processing - What Is Hemp dot com) https://www.instagram.com/elisabethbovik/ (Elisabeth Bövik) http://highfiveforhemp.com/shirt (High Five for Hemp merchandise on Spreadshirt) Episode 6 (40 minutes) was recorded at 10 PM CET, on October 17, 2021, with https://happs.tv/invite/@Lyceum (Happs). Post-production through https://auphonic.com/donate_credits?user=lyceum (Auphonic). Support this podcast
Oct 19 2021
40 mins
Wide Range of Prices for CBD
Martin and Adam discuss the wide range of prices for CBD products. Is it all fair? Listen and find out. Thanks, and please consider subscribing to our show in your favorite https://podcastindex.org/apps (Podcast 2.0 catcher). This episode was recorded https://happs.tv/post/oz1L9dLbbaF4VS2TzCvn (LIVE on HAPPS.TV on October 2, 2021). H54H MERCH: Buy our new shirt here: https://hemp.captivate.fm/shirt (https://hemp.captivate.fm/shirt) Show notes with links to articles, blog posts, products and services: https://www.leafreport.com/education/cbd-pricing-new-leafreport-research-reveals-a-massive-4718-price-difference-between-the-cheapest-and-most-expensive-cbd-brands-but-overall-cbd-prices-are-decreasing-11093?fbclid=IwAR2sBkIJsDFURcwsi9yTLITr1TQNWN2Ai43cM_pbHij_d9uWhA8N7GBIka0 (CBD Pricing: New Leafreport Research Reveals a Massive 4718% Price Difference Between the Cheapest and Most Expensive CBD Brands) https://cedarmeadow.farm/collections/all-products/products/cbd-oil-for-people-natural-flavor-1200mg (Hemp Oil Extract - Natural Flavor (1200mg) by Cedar Meadow Farm) https://letshemp.se/shop/cbd-olja/cbdolja-fullspekt-nya-etiketter/cbd-olja-15/?ref=18 (Strong CBD Oil 15% (1500 mg Cannabinoids) by Let's Hemp) https://nordicoil.com/cbg-oil-1200mg (CBG Oil (1200 mg CBG and 400 mg CBD) by Nordic Oil) https://dadgrass.com (Dad Grass) https://podcastindex.org/podcast/4077038 (High Five for Hemp podcast on Podcast Index) http://newpodcastapps.com (New Podcast Apps "dot" com) https://hemp.captivate.fm/shirt (Merchandise with High Five for Hemp podcast artwork) Episode 5 (34 minutes) was recorded at 10 PM CET, on October 2, 2021, with https://happs.tv/invite/@Lyceum (Happs). Post-production through https://auphonic.com/donate_credits?user=lyceum (Auphonic). Support this podcast
Oct 3 2021
34 mins
California's Hemp Bill - AB 45
Sep 21 2021
33 mins
CBD 101 - An Introduction to CBD
Sep 6 2021
27 mins
It's all about the water
In this episode, Martin introduces our new co-host, Adam. We share a little bit about our personal journeys and the vision for the podcast. Our main story is on the challenges hemp growers are having in the United States due to extreme drought, and severe flooding. It's a complex story, but we're happy to unpack it for you. We hope you enjoy it, and thanks for listening to the show. Reach us at info@highfiveforhelp.com Show notes with links to articles, blog posts, products and services: https://happs.tv/invite/@Lyceum (Martin Lindeskog on Happs) https://happs.tv/post/xyIe4gzNvey7ePU9W60n (Adam commenting on Martin's broadcast session, Friday Follow with T.G.I.F. Fun) https://hempindustrydaily.com/hemp-growers-confront-water-challenges-on-top-of-oversupply/ (Hemp growers confront water challenges on top of oversupply ) https://hashmuseum.com/en/collection/hemp-shipping/columbus-and-cannabis/ (Columbus and cannabis) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feral_cannabis (Ditch weed (feral cannabis)) https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/podcasting-20-1421056 (Podcasting 2.0) https://soundcloud.com/martin-lindeskog/hand-clap-bumper-for-high-five-for-hemp-podcast (High five hand clap bumper with old podcast artwork) https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Revolution_Void (Revolution Void - Free Music Archive) Episode 2 (27 minutes) was recorded at 10 PM CET, on August 22, 2021, with https://ringr.com/ego (Ringr app). Editing and post-production was done with https://www.descript.com/podcasting (Descript). Support this podcast
Aug 23 2021
27 mins
Welcome to High Five for Hemp!