Cultivate Your Financial Health

Wayne Firebaugh, CPA, CFP®

Some people believe money scores success in life. If that’s true, then you’re really only keeping score between your current and future selves. Financial planning allows you weigh the trade-offs necessary to achieve your goals both now and then. Consume too much now and you limit your future choices. Save all your money for later, your family unnecessarily sacrifices current quality of life and, more importantly, the memories and experiences that truly make life rich.brbr Just like your favorite board game, money has its own rules. However, money rules cover long stretches of your life, not just a single evening. Plus, break a money rule in an area such as income taxes, investment management, or risk management, and you lose much more than a turn. You could lose everything you’ve hoped to achieve. On Cultivate Your Financial Health, Wayne helps you understand the rules of money. You’ll learn how the choices you make now will increase or limit the choices you have in the future. read less