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Our Editor's Take

The hosts of The Art Box podcast believe that most people have an interest in art, even if they don't realize it. Creativity and innovation are part of everyone's lives. In fact, most careers require some left-brain thinking. After all, that's how new developments in technology happen. The goal of their podcast is twofold. The hosts wish to talk to artists about their processes, motivations, and inspirations. They also hope to interview people who use art in other ways. They seek to study how art affects the brain, people's emotional health, and society in general.

Both of The Art Box podcast hosts come from technological backgrounds. Steve Dudrow retired from a career as a software application architect. Even in that specialized role, he states that he had to use a lot of imagination and artistry. It's no surprise that his hobbies include night sky photography and oil painting. His photos received an exhibition at Capitol Reef National Park and Mystery Ranch in Nevada. He has written and illustrated eight children's books.

His cohost, Rachelle Knight, was a software engineer before she decided to focus on her art. When struggling with breast cancer, she used painting to lift her spirits. Her brightly colored artwork covers electrical boxes around the city of Mesquite. They also feature in the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery. Both podcast hosts are board members of the Virgin Valley Artists' Association.

Each episode of The Art Box offers an interview with someone who has a relation to art. That includes painters, photographers, craftspeople, curators, and directors. They discuss the role that art has in their lives and how it impacted their journey. Poet Mandy Smoker explains how being a First Nations woman changes her writing. Gregory Summers shares how he went from making Hallmark cards to getting named "Artist of the New Century." The conversations are educational, vulnerable, and inspirational. New episodes debut several times each week.

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