By Layna Macurak with Dr. Billy Burch, Lead Pastor of Christ Community Church

If you've ever felt uncomfortable with starting spiritual conversations with others, this is the podcast for you. We'll talk about how to get into spiritual conversations and answer some of the questions that might come up in a concise and practical way. In a sentence, we're explaining the reason for our hope.

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Ep 12 - Having Spiritual Conversations
Ep 12 - Having Spiritual ConversationsEp 11 - Is God Good?Ep 10 - Why Does God Allow Evil?Ep 9 - What About the Afterlife?Ep 8 - The Resurrection is Our Hinge PointEp 7 - Aren't All Religions Basically the Same?Ep 6 - Does God Exist?Ep 5 - Can We Trust the Bible?Ep 4 - Our 3 Deepest NeedsEp 3 - Understanding Our CultureEp 2 - Continuing the Work of JesusEp 1 - Mission & Vision