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In Season 1, The Girlfriends told the story of how a group of incredible women came together to bring down one bad ex-boyfriend and seek justice for the murder of Gail Katz.

But there’s one part of that story that’s still a mystery.

During the investigation into Gail’s case, a torso washed up on Staten Island and was misidentified as Gail. Nobody knows her name or what happened to her after she was ruled out from the case.

In Season 2, the amateur ladies detective club are back with a new mission: to uncover the identity of this woman and finally find Our Lost Sister.

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Our Editor's Take

The Girlfriends is a true crime podcast, but it means even more to the women who make it. For host Carole Fisher, her producer, and others, it's about sharing the stories of women who can no longer speak. Gail Katz is one such woman, and this is her story.

The podcast's title refers to a group of women who all dated the same man at different times. This included Carole and her friend Mindy. They started gathering to eat food and discuss Bob Bierenbaum, the man they had in common. Bob, a rich physician, seemed perfect to everyone at first. The girlfriends all had strange stories to share.

The first episode of The Girlfriends podcast focuses on how these friendships formed and became stronger. In the introductory episode, Carole cautions listeners. The podcast features physical and emotional abuse, murder, and suicide.

Years after the girlfriends started meeting, there was a multi-state investigation. Gail's sister, Alayne, joins the podcast. She shares her grief and her dedication. She collaborated with detectives. She tried to get Bob to confess to Gail's murder. After a while, people who were not close to Gail seemed to forget about the case. That's when Alayne wrote letters to the editor. She reads a letter on the podcast she wrote from her mother's perspective. Alayne wanted everyone to know that Bob was the last to see Gail alive. Yet he wasn't cooperating with the investigation.

The ninth episode of The Girlfriends podcast is titled "A Sisterhood." It's an appropriate title. There's the sisterhood of Alayne's dedication to Gail. There's the sisterhood of the titular club that started this podcast. Then there's the sisterhood of all women. Carole, Mindy, and Alayne spend over seven minutes reading names at the end of the episode. These women are missing or victims of murder. Though they only list victims starting from 1985 and only from New York State, they say they could have gone on.

As the host advises, The Girlfriends podcast may be intense for some. Most episodes run between 30 and 45 minutes.

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