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Hi 👋🏻 I'm Jennie and I'm Your Personal Growth Coach! Welcome to my weekly podcast where I talk mindset work, building confidence and how to live life as Unapologetically Empowered Women. So sit back, relax and listen while I take a therapeutic approach to life everyday adventures!
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Mindset Makeover Time...Hello - I'm Jennie, founder and owner of The Coach Jennie and today podcast is thanking everyone for the amazing birthday wishes!  I never really made a really big deal about my birthday because that mean - I had to go back to school. But on the positive note, cooler weather is coming!Mom's cancer journey is.....  well it's a journey! She needs to drink more water and eat consistently to help with her healing process.  Like I said, I went from having no children to have 2. Yikes! Parenting advice needed 🤣 My coaching business is thriving and I couldn't be more excited.  I feel like my community sees me for who I am, understands my journey and how I can help them transition into the best version of themselves. It's all about making personal growth a ways of life. OH YES! My Goddess Sisterhood is amazing and I absolutely LOVE IT.  Message me for a promo code if you are interested, Girl, I'll hook you up!Also, now that mom's cancer appointment seems to have some consistency - Im able to pick back up Personal Coaching!  If you're looking for more assistance and need someone to guide you on your journey through life - I'm your girl. Message me.  Yes and if your the on-the-go kinda person but still wants coaching, Try WhatsAPP Messenger Coaching.  It's like Jennie On Demand!  *New Budget Friendly Pricing*LIVE✨ LAUGH✨ LEARN~ JennieLearn more about Jennie ~~~> www.thecoachjennie.com/linksThanks to FRE SKINCARE - who continues to support my self care during this journey!  The only skincare products made specifically for women. Promo Code: THECOACHJENNIE (Enjoy this sweet birthday surprise from me)Support the show (https://paypal.me/thecoachjennie?locale.x=en_US)
Sep 5 2021
6 mins