Designer Talks Podcast

Lefteris Heretakis

Designer Talks podcast embarks on a captivating exploration that delves deep into the intricate tapestry of the professional designer's persona. Beyond merely scratching the surface, this podcast endeavours to unravel the profound motivations that propel individuals into the field of design, shedding light on the underlying passions, inspirations, and driving forces that fuel their creative journey.

In each episode, the podcast intricately dissects the 'why' of design — probing into the profound motivations and personal narratives that underpin a designer's choice to embark on a career in the creative realm. Through engaging interviews and thoughtful conversations, the podcast seeks to uncover the unique stories that drive these designers, unveiling the diverse array of influences that have shaped their creative perspectives.

The discourse extends beyond the 'why' to encompass the 'how' of design, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into the methodologies, processes, and strategies employed by seasoned designers. From conceptualisation to execution, the podcast serves as a backstage pass to the intricate dance between imagination and realisation, providing invaluable insights into the mechanics of the design process.

Moreover, the podcast endeavours to decode the very essence of what makes designers 'tick.' It goes beyond the tangible aspects of their craft, exploring the intangible elements such as creativity, resilience, and adaptability that define a designer's character. By unravelling these intricacies, Designer Talks offers a holistic view of the professional designer as a multifaceted individual with a unique blend of skills, traits, and perspectives.

Education becomes a focal point of discussion as well, with the podcast probing into the diverse educational backgrounds that designers bring to their practice. It explores the role of formal education, mentorship, and experiential learning in shaping a designer's trajectory, offering listeners a comprehensive understanding of the varied paths that lead individuals to become proficient in their craft.

Ultimately, the podcast seeks to illuminate the profound meaning that design holds for each featured professional. It goes beyond the superficial aspects of aesthetics and functionality, delving into the philosophical and personal dimensions of design. By providing a platform for designers to articulate their visions, beliefs, and philosophies, Designer Talks podcast captures the essence of design as a deeply personal and transformative journey. In essence, the podcast is a captivating journey that navigates the intricate landscapes of the design profession, offering a nuanced and multifaceted exploration of the individuals who shape and define the world through their creative endeavours.

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Designer Talks podcast Ep. 3 - Raymond Turner FCSD
Aug 3 2021
Designer Talks podcast Ep. 3 - Raymond Turner FCSD
Designer Talks podcast asking designers, how they do it, why they do it and what makes them tick and what design means to them, hosted and produced by Lefteris Heretakis aCSDf.Raymond Turner FCSD has been described as ‘a thought leader’ (Sean McNulty, Chairman, Dolmen-design and innovation, Ireland); ‘a design legend’ (Clive Grinyer, Director of Customer Experience, Barclays Bank, UK); ‘an inspiration and mentor to many’ (James Berry, Director, Woods Bagot Architecture, UK); ‘one of the few who have dominated the profession of Design Management’ (the late Peter Gorb, Life Fellow of the DMI and Professor of London Business School); and having had ‘an illustrious career in design, design management and design leadership’ (Robert Blaich, former Design Director, Philips, USA).He is an internationally recognised authority on the strategic value of design leadership and management to business, government and society. Practical commercial experience of working in this area has been the focus of his career as a designer, design manager, consultant and corporate design director.His practical experience, and innate interpersonal and communication skills, enabled him to work successfully with large corporations and small to medium size businesses across a wide range of industries. These include transportation, construction and real estate development, local and national government, city planning, public broadcasting, banking and health insurance, industrial and domestic product manufacturing. His ability to work with multidisciplinary teams enables clients to maximise design effectiveness within strict financial and time constraints.He is one of the few design professionals who has held senior posts on both sides of the client-designer divide. Raymond was Design Director of two companies, London Transport, the provider of public transport services in the capital, and BAA, the world’s largest privately owned airport company. He has also been Managing Director of two international multidisciplinary design consultancies, Kilkenny Design in Ireland and Wolff Olins in London, UK.http://www.raymondturner.ieSupport the Show.Follow us at @csdminervaRead our latest news on LinktreeMembership
Designer Talks podcast Ep. 2 - Martin Darbyshire FCSD
Jun 9 2021
Designer Talks podcast Ep. 2 - Martin Darbyshire FCSD
Martin Darbyshire, CEO at TangerineDesigner Talks podcast asking designers, how they do it, why they do it and what makes them tick and what design means to them, hosted and produced by Lefteris Heretakis aCSDf.Martin has been inspiring companies to take bigger leaps forward through design at Tangerine since co-founding the company in 1989. Under his stewardship Tangerine has grown into an international design consultancy with offices in the UK, South Korea and Brazil; from which Tangerine exports product and service innovation and customer experience design services to the world’s leading brands, service providers and manufacturers.As CEO, Martin leads the strategic and commercial development of the design consultancy. Identifying new business opportunities and growth potential in new sectors, managing high-level client relationships, and driving innovation in the outstanding design work that that the consultancy delivers for its clients.From tangerine’s beginning, the company won exciting overseas clients in Asia and America including Apple, Hitachi and LG, working strategically with the consumer electronics companies on design strategy, product innovation and industrial design. Over the company’s three-decade history, Martin has been instrumental to tangerine broadening its focus to develop wider expertise and move into sectors such as mobility, retail, hospitality, brand environments, service design and user-experience. Tangerine has completed numerous, diverse projects that create exceptional customer experiences for both businesses and their consumers for clients including British Airways, Sky, Cepsa, Gulf Air, Hyundai, Huawei, Innisfree, Nikon, Samsung and Toyota.A design leader on the international stage, Martin combines his work for tangerine with a worldwide programme of keynote speeches and activities promoting the importance of design to improve business success and human well-being. Martin has served two terms as a board member of the World Design Organization (formerly ICSID). He was formerly a visiting professor at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts, London. He is a trustee of the UK Design Council, a member of the UK Government’s Infrastructure Exports: UK (IE:UK), a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Chartered Society of Designers, and a long-standing juror at the Red Dot Awards in Europe and Asia.SocialsLinkedin: @tangerinelondonWebsite: www.tangerine.netSupport the Show.Follow us at @csdminervaRead our latest news on LinktreeMembership