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Our Editor's Take

The Slate Money podcast is for those who want to learn more about the money world. Listeners looking for clear explanations of complex financial issues will find them here.

Emily Peck and Elizabeth Spiers join Felix Salmon as hosts. Slate produces this finance podcast. Each Slate Money cohost brings their keen opinions and expertise to this podcast production. Every episode provides a clear context on the current issues in the financial world.

Industry experts and practitioners appear on the podcast to further enrich the discourse. Guests include Charter cofounder Kevin Delaney. He gives his insights on the workforce situation in "The Layoff Dopamine Hit" episode. Anna Szymanski of Reuters Breakingviews shares her views on Citibank and Texas Power. Author Cathy O'Neill also joins the show to discuss her book, Weapons of Math Destruction. Meanwhile, Josh Brown explains what happened to markets in the past year.

This Slate Money podcast explores financial issues that impact daily lives. The topics vary, from the chip war to child care to nepotism. "The China Problem" episode is about China's role in the debt market. Those curious about what's happening on Twitter can tune in to "We Can't Quit Elon." Another segment to check out is the Plus Segment. In one episode, they get into the controversial email divorce of Rupert Murdoch. The podcast also features a series recap of HBO's Succession. The hosts ask the right questions people may need to think about. They ask who is going to be the new World Bank President. In "Is Inflation Ova?" they consider the curious case of egg prices.

Slate Money gives a comprehensive analysis of the Credit Suisse rescue. What does it mean for the banking world? They answer the question in "Too Big, To Fail, Too Furious." Then there's the SVB fallout. How are these two situations the same? The podcast educates listeners on the real relationship between banks and governments.

These are only some examples of what listeners can expect from the Slate Money podcast. Those who want to keep learning more can hear more insightful money talk each week.

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