The Articulate Coven: Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire After Show

Ashley Wright Ihler and Joel Sharpton

The unofficial podcast and fan community for Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, The Lives Of The Mayfair Witches & Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe as brought to you by AMC. Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat and his Coven of the Articulate are some of the most loved vampires in literary history. This show covers the books, the films and the forthcoming tv series from AMC, Anne and Christopher Rice that gives us a peak at their world. We’ll cover the Interview with the Vampire series starring Jacob Anderson, Sam Reid and from creator and show runner, Rolin Jones. We’ll also cover the Mayfair Witches series starring Alexandra Daddaro, Jack Huston, Tongaya Charisa and from the show runner and executive producer, Esta Spalding. As well as whatever other Anne Rice created properties AMC wants to produce in the future! Join us, if you would travel the Savage Garden as one of the Coven of the Articulate! read less
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Don’t Call Me LATE! - Ashley And Joel Discuss  IWTV S2 Announcement, Mayfair S2 Casting and More - AC033
Feb 11 2024
Don’t Call Me LATE! - Ashley And Joel Discuss IWTV S2 Announcement, Mayfair S2 Casting and More - AC033
Ashley and Joel are BACK! Season 2 of the Articulate Coven is officially underway. In this episode, we discuss the IWTV S2 Release Date Announcement and all the trailers and first looks released officially so far. We also discuss casting announcements for both IWTV and Mayfair Witches, spoiler, Buffalo Bill is coming to New Orleans.First Trailer: look at Season 2: Trailer: Returns: Witches Season 2 Production is Underway now. Casting announcements: you like Anne Rice and her vampires or witches enough to read this, then you like them enough to join our cult...I mean Discord: Discord isn’t your thing, we also have a Facebook group: or follow us on Twitter @articulatecovenUntil you hear from us again, finish up The Vampire Armand novel and join us again as we discuss everyone’s favorite murder goblin.Our theme song is “Blues for Faz” by Tim Laughlin