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Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.

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Our Editor's Take

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition. It's The Daily Show, except listeners can't see it. They can hear both full episodes and highlights from the Comedy Central program. Listeners pressed for time can catch up on the show's top stories of the week.

The podcast also includes things that TV viewers don't get to see. Trevor Noah answers studio audience questions in the “Between the Scenes” segment. In “Beyond the Scenes,” Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. takes on a single topic for each episode. He interviews Daily Show staffers and industry experts on all sorts of subjects. These range from house music to gentrification. And some of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition episodes include interview segments that ran too long to air on the TV show.

Granted, sometimes Daily Show host Noah, or one of his correspondents, pulls a sight gag on the TV show. And a significant factor in whether such a joke will land is whether the audience can see that sight gag.

Here's an example. The U.S. Congress's Inflation Reduction Act was a big story in July 2022. The bill includes funding for the exploration of new clean energy sources. As in, energy sources scientists haven't even dreamed up yet.

So Noah muses that, in ten more years, who knows how people might be charging their phones? They might be charging their phones with...the power of dance. The crowd giggles a bit. Then there's audio that goes something like, "Heyyyy. Yeah. Yeah. 7 percent? Aiiight, I got this. Uh! Okayyy, okayyy. Yeah, 10 percent! That's right!" And the crowd goes wild. So something happened between the studio audience's modest giggle and that louder outburst. And the podcast listener can't see what that something was. (It was Noah dancing.)

With all that said, it's rare that the podcast version of The Daily Show doesn't deliver just as many laughs as the TV version. In fact, sometimes the jokes are funnier when folks have to use their imaginations!

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