X-Ray Vision


Nerd-culture podcast X-Ray Vision takes listeners on a journey through the zeitgeist-iest (patent pending) films, TV shows, and comics. Join award-winning hosts Jason Concepcion and Rosie Knight for one-of-a-kin analysis, the latest news and show lore, and access to the writers, producers, directors, and stars who make your favorite pop culture shows, movies, and more!

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Our Editor's Take

The X-Ray Vision podcast likes to be accurate. It does not provide superficial reviews and recaps of beloved pop culture phenomena. Instead, much like an X-ray machine, it can see deep inside the connective tissue. It finds the most obscure links between films, shows, and comics. The podcast provides encyclopedic knowledge unlike anything else. To top it off, it does so with enthusiasm, humor, and unparalleled chemistry between its hosts. Crooked Media, producers of Pod Save America, are behind this podcast.

Podcast host Jason Concepcion leads the way as X-Ray Vision examines pop culture. The podcaster started his career on Twitter. He gained a loyal following there thanks to his pop culture observations and quips. His active profile earned him a staff writer role at Grantland, leading to a position with The Ringer. If there was a franchise getting made or released, Concepcion is talking about it.

Rosie Knight, the other host, is a great companion for Concepcion on this podcast. If there's anyone who knows their comic references, it's Knight. Her credits include writing for many comic outlets, among them DC Comics, Den of Geek, and Women Write About Comics.

It's clear that the podcast X-Ray Vision is creating its content for a nerdy crowd. People who love superheroes, fantasy, and sci-fi might find an immediate connection with the hosts. But there is something in this podcast for any avid TV watcher to enjoy. It includes recaps of The Last of Us and discussions about Succession. It talks about Star Wars, Avatar, and Yellowjackets combined. It also brings other comic obsessives, like Jason Mantzoukas, to share their thoughts. New episodes come out several times per week.

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