Life Is Not Complicated - YOU ARE

Carlos Wallace

This podcast inspired by the bestselling book, "Life Is Not Complicated, You Are: Turning Your Biggest Disappointments Into Your Greatest Blessings", is a platform designed to discuss relevant issues and controversial ideas that are prevalent in today’s society. The in-depth interviews are conducted by best-selling author Carlos Wallace.
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S6E4 Purpose. Passion.  Pride.
S6E4 Purpose. Passion.  Pride.S6E3 Acceptance. Awareness.   Accountability.S6E2 Adjust, Adapt and Overcome.S6E1 My Battle with COVID-19. Betrayal. One & Done Don.S5E4 Healthcare. Educators. Do Your Part.S5E3 Social Media. Organizing. Why You Should Vote.S5E2 Know Your Local Politicians. Leadership.  Electoral College.S5E1 Agree to Disagree. Equal Pay.  Knowing Your Rights.S4E6 Vanessa Necolettos: Parenting. Education. The Importance of "Life Is Not Complicate - YOU ARE.S4E5 Shonda Strives: Business. Philanthropy.  Faith.  Striving.S4E4 Mikell Limbrick: When I Rise, We All Rise – The iRise SectionS4E3 Missy Franklin: Thinking Beyond Tax Season, It’s Not Just About "The Bag"S4E2 Liz Faublas: I Will Not Apologize For My Success and Neither Should YouS4E1 Chance Glasco: Discussing - Call of Duty, VR-Eval and Mass Shootings in AmericaS3E11 (BONUS EPISODE) Taylor Reynolds: Guess Who’s Black and PROUD Of ItS3E10 Devonte Hill: Tough Hill to ClimbS3E9 The Jack Sisters: We Are FamilyS3E8 Anna Kay Parker: You Need A Special Permit To Handle This AKS3E7 Alexandra Necolettos: Educated, Passionate and Involved in Today's Political Process S3E6 L. J. Bering: Discussing POLITICS, RELIGION and WOMEN in SPORTS REPORTING