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Interview With Tom Das Discussing His Spiritual Journey and a Life Beyond Suffering
Jun 6 2021
Interview With Tom Das Discussing His Spiritual Journey and a Life Beyond Suffering
In this in depth interview, Tom Das discusses his journey of spiritual seeking, how he one day realised that all suffering had ceased, and how he works with others to help people with their own journeys. === This interview covers the three main subjects that we aim to cover with every interview here: - Tom's spiritual journey - What Tom communicates in meetings (and why he takes that approach) - Suggestions / approaches Tom has that may be helpful for day to day life Tom's spiritual journey started in childhood, and ended through his devotion to Sri Ramana Maharshi. Unlike many people, Tom can't pinpoint the moment all suffering fell away, but one day he suddenly realised that he hadn't suffered for many months, if not longer. And in his meetings Tom focuses on non duality but takes a fluid approach, and is happy to discuss broader topics, with all doors as he says leading to the same place. He also offers in depth videos on his YouTube channel, talking through the two approaches that Sri Ramana Maharshi details: - The path of self-enquiry - The path of self-surrender Tom also offers private sesions and describes how he approaches those, as well as the types of issues some people experience during the spiritual journey. We hope you find this interview interesting. There is also a video of this interview on YouTube, and in time a transcript will be made available at and also published on Amazon as a free ebook.