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Showcasing the local workforce development efforts building the highly skilled multi-generational “NextForce” Central Texas communities need to compete globally and remain “Future Ready.” The "Future Ready Nextforce" Podcast is brought to you by Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area, Developing Talent for Employers by Coaching Texans to Employment.

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What is the Solution to the Child Care Challenge in Central Texas?
Jun 28 2023
What is the Solution to the Child Care Challenge in Central Texas?
A report released this year by the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Women’s Bureau revealed a striking dilemma that many Central Texas families already know: Access to high-quality child care is vital to the success of our workforce, but the cost of early-learning programs is often untenable for families across all care types, age groups, and county population sizes. Families with younger children across the United States pay a lot of money for child care. Whether that care is focused on full-day early learning for infants and toddlers, or after-school care for children up to age 12, a large share of a family’s income goes to paying for child care services. How do we better empower families in Central Texas to upskill and pursue careers in high demand while they are struggling to identify affordable child care arrangements with high-quality providers focused on developing the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of children?Join Future Ready NextForce Podcast Host Diane Tackett, Chief Operating Officer with Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area (WSRCA), and her guests, Paul Fletcher, Chief Executive Officer with WSRCA, Madison Mattise, Director of Pre-K Partnerships with the United Way for Greater Austin, and Butch Aggen, Owner of the Goddard School of Cedar Park, as they identify existing barriers to success that working families are facing as they look to enroll their children in care, as well as opportunities and solutions available to help the entire family succeed.