Educational Leadership: What Else is Possible?

Mary Meduna, Ph.D., RTC, CPC, ELI-MP and Margaret Ruff, M.S.Ed, CPC, ELI-MP

If you’re like us, you have lived through more hours of meetings to explore the many challenges that you face than you really care to count. If you’re like us, you left most of those meetings wondering if any real progress had been made or if the purpose was simply to rearrange the deck chairs and make it appear that something was being done. If you’re like us, after these meetings you have sought out colleagues for comfort, support, and new perspectives in order to make sense of the frustration and apparent madness you find yourself in. We intend to change that. We intend to change the conversation from one that focuses on admiring problems to one that finds the abundant opportunities that exist for the courageous leaders among us who are ready to break out of the status quo to create joyful, high achieving communities. We will tap the energy of leaders across all domains of this vast system to activate the potential that already exists.

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The Art of Struggle
Jun 27 2013
56 mins
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