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Lori Lee

Love Your Story is a podcast about the power of our personal story, how we can use our stories to empower us, take the prerogative to reframe the stories that hold us back, all while celebrating the unique heroic journey we each take. Learn techniques for changing the stories that keep us small, celebrate true life stories, learn about academic story research, and consider fairytale metaphor. Story is a powerful tool, and when you know how to use it on purpose you become powerful.

Episode 219: Come Off Conqueror – Interview Bonnie Randall
Episode 219: Come Off Conqueror - Interview Bonnie Randall Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. "You can't go back and change the beginning of your story... but you can start where you are today and change your ending" On today’s show we are talking about coming of conqueror. What does that mean? To conquer something is to prevail over it; to overcome and take control of. Often times we are held hostage by events in our pasts that have traumatized us. We are cripple by the abuses of others, by shame, even by our own destructive choices. We are talking about events we have not been able to heal from. Events in our stories that have us stuck, like a knight in a mud bog - forward progress inhibited, wallowing in the dirt and muck we don’t know how to break free from. Tune into the audio program for my interview with Bonnie Randal, creator the YouTube channel Come off Conqueror. Ms. Randall is a champion of the down-trodden. She has a 20-year career in marketing at all levels from Fortune 500 to non-profit and charity work. Her charity work has led to her meeting many trauma survivors, and her own experience with date rape has created understanding bonds with these survivors and has sparked a passion for helping them heal. Her mission is to help victims of abuse, primarily women and children, conquer their trauma and live healthy, fulfilling lives. She believes that God is the key, and so she started a Youtube channel, Come Off Conqueror, where survivors share stories of healing, as well as insights from other therapists, healers, authors and practitioners to help women take back their power, heal, and step into their true identities. "It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite life of Christ's Atonement." - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland In today's interview I talk with Bonnie about: Her story. How did you heal? How long did it take? There are lots of treatment programs out there. What is your philosophy for healing? I’d love to hear some inspiring stories from the women you’ve worked with. What have you learned from them? What do we all need to know - most of all - about how to heal? What exactly do you offer people? Where can people find you to share stories with you?   Contact information for Bonnie Randall https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7v_-x8uvv89jW7pVfZC6cg (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7v_-x8uvv89jW7pVfZC6cg) https://www.facebook.com/groups/817834172106176 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/817834172106176)   I don’t know why so many terrible things happen in the world - bad things to good people. But what I do know is that trauma changes us. We know more, we sometimes come to understand things we never wanted to understand. Sometimes it breaks our souls, our minds and our bodies. This is why healing becomes so important. Like our bodies our souls can be healed. It’s not fast, and it needs proper care and time, and help. But healing is hope. Healing is essential to stepping out of the dark, sticky bog in which trauma can throw us. Healing is part of the process of being able to live again. Your challenge this week is to consider what trauma in your past may still have a negative hold on you - one that holds you back because you don’t understand how to get past it. Take this acknowledgement into your meditations and your prayers and ask for the way of healing to open to you. Keep this intention in your heart this week. See what doors open. Please share this episode link with anyone you think it would bless. Have a great week creating your life intentionally. See you in two weeks.
May 18 2022
49 mins
Episode 218: Life Engineered – Interview Rusty Lindquist
Episode 218: Life Engineered- Interview Rusty Lindquist Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast! When we talk about living your life story with intention, we are essentially saying, let’s engineer our lives. Let’s look at what we want and purposefully create thought patterns and habits to be who we want to be. Rusty Lindquist was interviewed in the early years of the podcast - episode 21 - Remember that because you’re going to want to go back and listen to his story if you haven’t heard it yet - His father thought he was being called on by God to sacrifice his son and that led Rusty and his mother to run for their lives. This man lived alone, hiding out in a forest as a 10 year-old. He knows how to go from trauma to success, so he’s got cred. Rusty founded Life Engineering to help individuals, parents, leaders, and organizations cut through everything and achieve excellence. Life Engineering provides the tools and the training, the motivation and the methodology, an entire system designed to help people move beyond where they have been, to go farther than they thought they could… to achieve more, to do more, to become more. It’s about more than just short-term success. It’s the disciplined pursuit of excellence.   Tune into the audio program for my discussion with Rusty Lindquist and to get a real look at what life engineering looks like and answers to these questions: Let’s start with your story - what was the path to creating Life Engineering? What are the main components of engineering a life? What activates and unleashes our energy? - Our potential… What about apathy? What happens when you feel like the effort isn’t worth the outcome? Let’s talk about human potential and science. What do you scientifically know about how to access human potential? What motivates us?   To contact Rusty: rusty@lifeengineering.com www.lifeengineering.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-XyC4DyynM (Learn to sustain energy and begin your purposeful journey - YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUqrtb5Rzz0&t=94s ( The Greatest Asset On Earth - YouTube) https://lifeengineering.com/human-achievement-events-training-and-speaking/leadership-development-and-live-training/ (Leadership Development and Live Training – Life Engineering)   Time, talent, energy….understanding how to activate and sustainably employ that energy so you can reach the outcomes you want. Anything worth having is going to take work. I can tell you now, having a few decades of living under my belt, that time just keeps rolling on. Before you know it another 10 years have passed, and what have you done? Did you do, experience, become what you wanted? If not, now is the time to use the resources, like what Rusty has talked about, like what I talk about on the show, the 21 Challenges, life coaches, etc. to help you engineer what you want. I love that we live in an age where we have so many resources for our success. So many that it’s sometimes overwhelming - so many podcasts, so many books, so many life coaches, so many programs, but all it takes is one good one. Start somewhere if you need support and greater understanding of what it looks like to go a little further than you’ve gone in the past. Image that satisfied feeling a year from now, when you’ve created something you really feel great about. Or lived in an active way that created opportunities for you. Your challenge this week is just to think about what you want in your life, and then consider what type of engineering could help you get it. Thanks for being here. Check out http://www.loveyourstorypodcast.com (www.loveyourstorypodcast.com) for links to buy Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday, to get the show notes with Rusty’s contact information, to hear all the past 200+ episodes and all the great stories in each one. Have a great 2 weeks creating your best life - every step counts.
May 4 2022
43 mins
Episode 217: What’s the Most Important Story in the World? Interview Mary Alice Arthur
Episode 217: What's the Most Important Story in the World? Interview Mary Alice ArthurFor all my Love Your Story listeners, you know the premise of the podcast is that we are living our story and while our backstories may be messy, coming to love and accept them is crucial to self-love and acceptance and to moving forward in a healthy way. We also constantly talk about the fact that since our lives are an unfolding story, and we have agency and intellect, we can, if we choose, control that story, we can shift directions at any time. We understand that the stories we tell ourselves determine what we believe, how we see the world, how we see ourselves - and those are powerful things, because they, in turn, determine our very lives. I have a question - do you get this in theory, or do you REALLY get it and put it into action? Stay tuned — On today's show I have Mary Alice Arthur, a woman who has spent her life as a story activist helping people to understand this, and to empower them to use this power that we all have. She is the author of 365 Alive - Find your voice, Claim your Story. Live Your Brilliant Life. And she has travelled the world goin gin and out of organizations, systems and cultures working with groups and individuals helping them realize that story is the secret superpower of humanity. Back to my question - do you REALLY get the super power you have within the story you are living? Do you use that super power with intention? Maybe you’re just starting to understand it. …. Well, if you really get it, then you begin to use your power to track the stories you are telling yourself. To determine which stories are lifting you, and which ones are holding you down. Then, with that information, you start to purposefully and intelligently make room for the stories that support and empower you. You become aware of the damage stories can have as well, and you realize you can purposefully extract the destruction, you don't have to make space for it, or feed it. So….Today’s show is particularly exciting because we have a guest who is going to give us more know-how, more insight, and actual things we can do to understand and embrace this power that lies within our mind and spirit, so we can create our best life story with intention. Mary Alice, welcome to the show!!  I want to start with a quote from you, “The stories you tell yourself influence whether you feel powerless or powerful, color how you define success and happiness, underpin eery action you take. When you wake up to the stories at work in for life you suddenly step into the position of power. Story stops being what defines you and becomes your ally.” We want to make story our ally. We want to more fully understand the position of power we have with story.  How do you help people understand the subjectiveness of story, and the power the stories we tell ourselves have in how our lives unfold? When I read the Harry Potter books I would think, man, why doesn’t Harry study harder? If you knew you had that kind of power, why wouldn’t you figure out how to use it? Really practice… but in real life we do have power - amazing power that few of us take the time and effort to tap in to.  Tune into the audio program to hear our conversation about the most important story in the world and how we can use it to support ourselves. To contact Mary Alice: 365live.org www.getsoaring.com mary-alice@getsoaring.com We’ve already had a lot to think about in this episode, so I’ll just end with the challenge - get clear on your own story. Pinpoint one area of your life that isn’t working for you as well as you’d like and take an honest look around the stories you are telling yourself, the stories others are creating for you, and determine how you could shift that story, look at it from a different angle, focus on what was learned instead of negative emotion, consider other perspectives, what would it look like to experiment with changes in the stories...
Apr 20 2022
34 mins
Episode 216: Resiliency – What does it take to bounce back?
Episode 216: Resiliency - What does it take to bounce back?Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. Today we are talking about Resilience - let’s define it: Resilence is “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.” Lynn G. Robbins, a leader in the LDS church shared, “During my visit to Brigham Young University–Idaho in the fall of 2017, the school’s new president, Henry J. Eyring, told me that his foremost concern was the high dropout rate of college freshmen. Students leave college for a variety of reasons, but a lack of resilience is one of the leading reasons that many universities across the United States are experiencing this same challenge.” He then mentioned that the military is noticing the same thing: “Discovering a lack of resilience among its recruits, the U.S. Army started offering the Master Resilience Training (MRT) program to fortify soldiers against the stress, demands, and hardships of military service.” Colleges, military, these are just a few places where this lack of resilience is being noted among us. So let’s have a conversation…. University, the Military, Covid - these things are not causing the lack of resiliency, they are just exposing it. How do we become more resilient?’’ Stay tuned for a look at resiliency and the keys we need to help us bounce back. Lower resilience among today’s youth may be caused by a number of things - I’ll throw a few out: Less physical activity (read too much device time), so the don’t know how to push through resistance. Impatience in a world of instant gratification. Resilience is developed in great part through the virtue of patience. Protection from rough seas. “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” While the reasons are important so we can start making changes, what I want to talk about today is what resiliency looks like. Is it just me, or have you also noticed, as we listen to the incredible life stories shared on this podcast, that one thing constantly pops up, a cross roads. This cross roads, in all our lives, may come up over and over, but that’s why it’s even more important to be aware of it. It is the cross roads of choosing victimhood/blame/depression and giving-up OR choosing growth/overcoming and keep on, keeping on. This cross roads is a sacred place. It’s a place where the human soul does its hardest work. It is not a place to be taken lightly or to be talked about lightly. It is not the cause of the struggle, it is the choice in the struggle. Today we talk about resiliency - because as Steve Goodier said, “My scars remind me that I did indeed survive my deepest wounds. That in itself is an accomplishment. And they bring to mind something else, too. They remind me that the damage life has inflicted on me has, in many places, left me stronger and more resilient. What hurt me in the past has actually made me better equipped to face the present.”  I start out with this quote because I think when we are deep in the struggle that this becomes and important thing to remember. It might feel like life is unfair and you’re getting the shit kicked out of you, but someday it will be this process and what you do with it that create your character and your strength. On today’s show we’ll hear from 3 people, clips of their stories and how they navigated the horrible spaces of paralysis from a rodeo accident, walking again after a bike/SUV collision, and taking back life after sexual abuse, and a deep emersion in alcoholic households.  We all have our own path with our own difficult struggles - no one’s is the same….but what is the same is the importance of resiliency. This one thing determines whether you make it through, and how you show up on the other side.  What does resiliency look like? It’s always best to look at real life examples: So I’m dipping into 3 past interviews. We’ll hear some tips for sure, but as I listen to stories on the podcast, over and over, ONE thing that pops out...
Apr 6 2022
29 mins
Episode 215: Interview: Kimberly Hill – Men’s Relationship Coach
Episode 215: Interview: Kimberly Hill - Men's Relationship Coach Healthy relationships are one of the most important parts, if not THE most important part of creating a life story that we love. When it comes down to it, on our death beds, it’s always about the relationships we’ve had, not about how many days we worked, or how many toys we bought. Intimate relationships are crucial to our well-being. This relationship - the one with our significant other - finding them - the right one, and nurturing a healthy relationship, is, dare I say, a life goal for most.   So, today’s guest, Kimberly Hill, the host of the Self Confidence Project podcast, and men’s life, dating and relationship coach, is here to talk to us about where men are struggling, how to navigate this area with authenticity, common mistakes and how to over come them, and a lot more.   Tune into the audio program for this very cool discussion that’s going to focus on the men of the world.   Kimberly says, “Healthy relationship are not a fantasy. They do exist. But they require more than just love. They require an equal portion of love, compassion, a deep understanding of one’s self, commitment, excitement and effort - from both parties. Kimberly has thousands of hours of direct work with men on confidence, dating and relationships and brings a mastery of coaching, emotional maturity practices and leadership to her clients.  She gets to the heart of what really matters, and I’m so excited to have an episode that focuses on men, because I think they often get left out of this mind-set work,  so let’s get started…   On the show we start with Kimberly's story…how she got into this work of helping men with this intimate and super important part of their lives? We discuss what mistakes men make most in relationships? I ask her what she thinks is the best mind-set for men in dating, and in relationships? We talk about life satisfaction and why this is a part of her coaching. Then we delve into how a man can get a clear vision for his life after a divorce and then set boundaries in his dating? To get a hold of Kimberly: info@selfconfidenceproject.com www.kimberlyninahill.com and her podcast: The Self-Confidence Project The Self-Confidence Project is a weekly podcast featuring conversations on life, dating, relationships, confidence and motivation. In each episode, Kimberly talks candidly about the stuff we all face in life and love. She shares an honest perspective to bring you the truth you need to hear – even if it’s not pretty. If you’re looking for relatable content and inspiring advice on how to transform your relationship and dating experience, tune into The Self-Confidence Project.   Your challenge for this week is to look at your primary relationship, or the primary relationship that you want, and take one small step toward making it a little more healthy.   Thanks for listening, please leave a review for the show on whatever app you listen, and if you email me a screen shot of your review and your address I’ll mail you  a Love Your Story sticker. Email is lorijlee@msn.com   See you in two weeks for our next episode of how to live your best life story on purpose.
Mar 23 2022
35 mins
Episode 214 – Walking on Water
Episode 214 - Walking on Water Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast! Today is about taking a walk on the water.  In my living room I have one picture of Christ. It is a picture of his feet. A picture of him from the knees down, walking on the water. I chose this painting, because in my soul I sense the deep importance of this display to us. The deep importance for us of learning to walk with faith, of coming to understand what it is, why it’s important, and how to develop and use it in our own lives.   For us to grow and stretch, and become more, we have to risk. We have to struggle to stand, to try to walk in the first place. We have to have more faith in our why, in ourselves, and in our supportive universal purpose and God, than in fear. Tune into the audio program for 3 clips from incredible women about the idea of walking on water.   Martha Beck, the international life coach said, “Every leap into light starts as a leap in the dark.”   I’ll point out the obvious - Every leap into the dark is a step out onto the water…   In episode 78 I did an interview Ganel-Lyn Condie, the popular LDS writer and speaker. We called the show: Trust the Process   One of the things we talked about was that faith is a process - we start by daring to step out of the boat, if we want to walk on water, and from there the process of sinking, rising and walking on water unfolds over and over.  Here’s a clip from our conversation: Here's the link to her full episode if you'd like to hear the whole interview: https://loveyourstorypodcast.com/captivate-podcast/episode-78-interview-ganel-lyn-condie-trust-process/   All who try will sink, rise, and walk on water, over and over. It’s the process. And when others are trying, let’s give them credit too. Empathy and understanding in the process is important, so we can all practice and learn with one another’s support.   One important key is that our lives are less about what is going on around us, and more about what is going on inside us. We create the meaning that events have to us. Do we create that meaning around faith or around fear? That’s an important question because the answer will determine very different outcomes. In my interview with Leslie Householder, the ward-winning international best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius and Hidden Treasures, we discussed this idea of what faith is and how mindset triggers the power of faith. Tune into the audio episode to hear from Leslie - If you'd like to hear her entire interview, here is the link:   https://loveyourstorypodcast.com/captivate-podcast/episode173-rare-faith-interview-with-leslie-householder/ Another quote by Martha Beck, the internationally renowned life coach, shares some of the real life ways we use faith. She  said, “Anyone who embraces the mender’s way of life must proceed through continual, infinite, breathtaking leaps of faith. Each time you face an unknown future with creativity rather than grasping at known quantities, you leap. Each time you dare to believe your art can sustain you financially, you leap. Each time you trust your tribe, you leap. Each time you embrace a love that lays you bare in body, heart, or soul, you leap. And whenever you begin to disbelieve in yourself, your destiny, your ability to heal some part of the world, you must leap instead into the branches of magic.” We use faith every day in every way. When we get out of bed, when we attempt something new, when we reach out to someone and risk rejection, when we trust God and things we may not understand, when we choose to trust that living better, kinder, with more love will bring us happier lives than resorting to more basic emotions like anger, hatred, holding grudges. When we work hard at something -going to school, working for a promotion or a new client, stretching into a new area, we are using faith. It’s a very...
Mar 9 2022
25 mins
Episode 213: Got Trauma? Interview Trevor Lay, Mental Health Therapist
Episode 213: Got Trauma? Interview Trevor Lay Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. As we live our life stories, and strive to create our best life story, we have the opportunity to deal with challenges. One of these challenges can be trauma. There are many things that cause trauma for us - violence, abuse, we’ll get into this more in the interview, and what causes trauma for some will not cause trauma in another, but learning to navigate and learn from it, and doing the work to make sure it doesn’t sabotage us and our relationships, seems like a pretty important skill set. Mark Goulston, MD, said, “Unlike simple stress, trauma changes your view of your life and yourself. It shatters your most basic assumptions about yourself and your world — “Life is good,” “I’m safe,” “People are kind,” “I can trust others,” “The future is likely to be good” — and replaces them with feelings like “The world is dangerous,” “I can’t win,” “I can’t trust other people,” or “There’s no hope.” Join me today as I talk with Trevor Lay, from Little Rock Arkansas, who has over 18 years of experience in behavioral healthcare and social services. He specializes in trauma and does trauma trainings for his local DHS offices and foster care support groups in Little Rock. Stay tuned for conversation about what trauma is, misconceptions about trauma, how it works in the body, how to effectively treat it, and the effect it can have on our relationships. Trevor Lay is the Executive Director of Full Potential Child Development Center and received his Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Arkansas. Trevor came to my attention after using his skills to help Bethany Wallace, a past guest of the Love Your Story podcast, and she highly recommended him - said his skill set was a God-send that helped to salvage her marriage. So Trevor and I have done some talking, and I think we’re all going to learn some helpful things today. Join Trevor and I on the audio program to hear answers to some of these questions: 1. Let’s start with a little of your story. Why do you do the work you do? 2. One of your favorite quotes is By Bessel Van Der Kolk M.D, from The Body Keeps the Score. “Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.” — What does this quote mean to you? 3. What is trauma? What types are the most prevalent? Misconceptions? 4. What are the symptoms of trauma? 5. How does trauma get lodged in the body? 6. How does it manifest itself in our behavior with other? Relationships? 7. You do marital counseling privately - do you find trauma and marriage overlap? 8. What should people who have experienced trauma do to start down the path to recovery? To find Trevor Lay: trevor.lay.5@gmail.com I’ll close with a quote from Michelle Rosenthal. “Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.” Thanks for being here today. Please share this episode link with someone who has suffered from trauma. Keep living your best life story, on purpose. And I’d sure appreciate hearing from listeners, with on the website http://loveyourstorypodcast.com (loveyourstorypodcast.com) - or through reviews on your podcast app. See you in two weeks.
Feb 23 2022
29 mins
Episode 212: Domestic Violence: Interview Brielle Cotterman and Melissa Haenchen
Episode 212: Domestic Violence: Interview Brielle Cotterman and Melissa Haenchen Brielle Cotterman is a TEDx Speaker, Publicity Expert, and Celebrity-Maker. She is a survivor of attempted murder and domestic violence and an advocate for a world where intimate partner abuse is not tolerated and survivors are met with empathy. She is a graduate of Indiana University, a World’s Grand Champion Equestrian, and she has been married for just over a year to the love of her life and owns & operates a show horse breeding farm, where she lives with her husband, three children and many, many animals! She has spent the better part of the last decade helping clients to craft and scale Dream careers to 7 figures and beyond by leveraging their personal stories and passions in order to create speaking tours, author award-winning books, procure media placements, and inspire the millions of people that need to hear their story. Tune in to the audio program to hear Brielle's story about having a gun held to her head, and how she has overcome the abuse. Melissa Haenchen, Prevention Coordinator at the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, hails from Eastern Kansas and earned her degree in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies from the University of Kansas. She began her career as a domestic violence advocate, and has also held roles coordinating outreach and events for an organization serving adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and supporting parents to strengthen protective factors to prevent childhood sexual abuse, child abuse and neglect. 1-3 women undergo abuse. If you need help - please use the following tools: To contact Brielle Cotterman: www.Briellecotterman.com To contact Melissa Haenchen: Utah Domestic Violence Coalition: Office: 801-521-5544 Help Resources: 24-hour LinkLine - 1-800-897-LINK (Available 24/7 in Utah) For other locations in the USA: www.thehotline.org 1-800-799-7233 Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault - www.ucasa.org Utah's 24 hr. Sexual Violence crisis line: 1-888-421-1100 Share this episode with anyone who may need it. We'll see you in two weeks for our next episode of the Love Your Story podcast.
Feb 9 2022
48 mins
Episode 211: Healthy Co-Parenting: Interview with Jae Behrman and Amanda Louder
Episode 211: Healthy Co-Parenting: Interview with Jae Behrman and Amanda LouderWelcome to the Love Your Story podcast. Today I have an interesting duo. A divorced couple who had 3 children together. After their divorce they needed to heal and grow individually, but they also had to immediately co-parent. This is an important topic, because for children of broken homes, how this co-parenting is done can make a huge difference in how much baggage the children take away, in how secure the children feel with life, even how loved the children feel. I haven’t heard someone talk about this before so I’m looking forward to today’s conversation. In 2011 Jae and Amanda filed for divorce. Stay tuned to find out why. But more importantly, stay tuned to hear a story of growth and positive co-parenting and what that looks like.  Join the audio for my discussion with Jae and Amanda for the answers to some of these questions: Tell me just a little bit about who each of you are today, then we’ll jump backward in time to get your story. Jae - What did you learn about yourself from your first marriage? What have you done to heal and grow? Amanda - What did you learn about yourself? What have you done to heal and grow? Jae - How is Amanda better now? What growth have you seen? Amanda - How is Jae better now? What broth have you seen? Did you always co-parent well together? What does that look like for you guys? When did you make this choice to co-parent carefully and positively and what does it look like to co-parent with someone who has hurt you? Why is co-parenting well so important to our children? Individual thoughts on change, growth, and forgiveness after divorce. I have two quotes I want to share. The first is from Oprah Winfrey. She said, “We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” Our dark days, the break-up of a family, the dissolution of a relationship, especially these times can be wake-up calls, the fast track to growth, if you let it. The second quote is from Bernice Johnson Reagon, She said, “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” Keep creating a story you love through continued growth. Nobody gets it all right the first time. It’s a process.  Please share this episode with anyone you think it will support and inspire. You can find all the show notes on our website at http://www.loveyoustorypodcast.com (www.loveyoustorypodcast.com) To contact Amanda Louder: amandalouder.com/blog/podcast See you in two weeks for the next great inspirational episode where stories show us the way forward.
Jan 26 2022
44 mins
Episode 210: 3 Tips for Being Exceptional with Co-Host Jessica BurrellEpisode 209: The Best of 2021 - Top 5 Downloaded Episodes
Episode 209: Best of 2021 Best of 2021 Welcome to the LYS Podcast! Today’s episode is one of my favorite of the year because it celebrates the listener favorites from the past year. Today we’ll hear little clips from the top five episodes of 2021. What did you guys love best? Which episodes lifted your spirits and gave you a dash of inspiration to create your best life story - whether that meant striving a little harder, living with intention, or making it through one of the muddy swamps in your life story? Welcome to the top 5 LYS episodes of 2021.  Let’s start out with #5 - Drum roll. This year you guys loved the idea of owning your own story - episode 188: Own Your Story takes us on a discussion of what it looks like to accept yourself, your life, your responsibility, and your power.  https://loveyourstorypodcast.com/captivate-podcast/episode-188-own-your-story/ #4 favorite for 2021 is episode 185 My interview with Barney “Scout” Mann (trail name is Scout.) , the author of Journeys North and Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian trail and Continental Divide through-hiker. This Triple Crown hiker has logged a lot of miles: The Pacific Crest Trail is 2650 miles long and covers 26 national forests, 7 national parks, 5 state parks and 3 national monuments. It takes 5 months at an average of 20 miles a day. The Appalachian Trail is 2180 miles and the Continental Divide Trail is 3100 miles. His book Journeys North is stories from the PCT, stories about humanity, connection, strength, companionship. https://loveyourstorypodcast.com/captivate-podcast/episode-185-a-story-about-life-on-the-trail-interview-barney-scout-mann/ #3 People’s choice for 2021 is episode 187 - Spiritual Gifts with Deb Atella. In 2005 Deb had a near death experience where she saw family members who had passed away. Her experience and ability to tune into the spirit world was something that took awhile to get used to, but as she accepted the gift, put limits on when she was available to the spirits on the other side, she embraced what felt like a spiritual gift. This episode is a conversation about spiritual gifts and her story.  https://loveyourstorypodcast.com/captivate-podcast/episode-187-spiritual-gifts-interview-deb-atella/ Now to #2 - The second most loved episode of 2021 is the story of Michael Anthony in episode 193. Michael Anthony was born to a hyper-abusive drug addict mother who cut his finger off when he was 4-years-old, a step father you pray you never have, and a racist grandmother who pushed him into an identity crisis. By the time he was 9 his family was often homeless, certainly living in poverty, and he was eventually adopted by his grandmother. He turned to drugs and alcohol to survive the continued abuse. He’s the creator of Think Unbroken. This interview is all about how we heal mentally from traumatic events in our lives. He shares his story to show what it looks like to keep climbing out of the hole and do whatever it takes to heal and excel. https://loveyourstorypodcast.com/captivate-podcast/episode-193-think-unbroken-interview-with-michael-anthony/ I loved my interview with Michael because I could just hear the solid sense of self in everything he shared. His insights were powerful, his overcoming incredible. This was one of my favorite episodes too. Now, here we are at #1 - the most downloaded episode of 2021 was Accept and Nurture your Awesome episode 184. My audience are seekers. People who want inspiration. People learning to love their story and accept their story. This episode launched 2021 with some life coach referrals and a quick discussion about leaning into nurturing our best selves. Maybe this episode was #1 because this is the starting point for all of us - self-acceptance, self-love, and healing any long-held beliefs that contribute to our false stories of unworthiness.  https://loveyourstorypodcast.com/captivate-podcast/episode-184-accept-and-nurture-your-awesom/
Dec 29 2021
27 mins
Episode 208: What Do I Magnify?
Episode 208: What Do I Magnify? Whatever I see through the magnifying glass grows bigger. It is up to me where I focus that lense. At the beginning of the year I mentioned that my focus for the year was “What I focus on Expands.” We talked about that earlier, so today’s discussion is a little different - we’re talking about magnifying. It’s a space to ask yourself, what do I magnify? I think this topic is so important because it is the very power we create our stories with. What we magnify becomes bigger for us.  If I’m focusing on all the crazy political upheaval, I’m going to be filled with the emotions that brings up in me. Maybe I’ll be full of fear, spreading stories and fears with others, spending lots of time hording TP or …. If I’m focused on the good I see in others the world is going to feel pretty nice and I’ll see the beauty and diversity in people, which will create friendships, understanding between people, create a greater space for loving. If I’m magnifying business growth or making money my I will see business opportunity, I will see networking opportunities, I will see money making opportunity. That will be the focus of my story. I’ve invited Jessica Burrell, Owner of Amplify Your Vision, to have a discussion with me about this topic - let’s say she’s going to be co-hosting with me off and on through 2022, so you’ll get to tap into her wisdom. So, I’ll introduce Jessica and then I want to start out with a story… Jessica is a Leadership and Transformational Business Coach and Owner of Amplify Your Vision Agency.. Visionary entrepreneurs & community leaders hire Jessica (and her team) to help get them feeling more on fire in their business! Because most don’t have time, systems and processes or a team. She supports them in creating client attraction and community scaling strategies as well as removing any mindset blocks in order to not feel burned out as they propel to their next level! Ultimately, she helps them create a sustainable strategy for their business, implement proven systems and processes, take action and create the space to focus on their zone of genius as well as achieve the financial freedom they desire! ​She has been growing communities for over 4 years, in both the physical and virtual space, knowing that there is nothing more powerful than a strong community of visionaries who support each other and choose collaboration over competition in order for everyone to win!   Welcome to the LYS podcast Jessica Let me jump into this story from a book I’m reading called, Be The Miracle by Regina Brett, A New York Times Best-Selling Author. And, after I’ve read this, Jess, let’s discuss the ideas. Tune into the audio program to hear our discussion about these topics: - what I focus on expands - law of attraction - how are you proving yourself right - we are always stacking evidence, which evidence are you stacking? To contact Jessica Burrell: hello@jessicaburrell.com Thank you for listening and for working to Love Your Story. Please share this episode with someone who could use it. Also, don't forget to hop over to the shop page and get your Love Your Story t-shirt and a copy of L.I.F.E - Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday!
Dec 15 2021
36 mins
Episode 207 It’s All About the Love: Interview Sterling Jaquith
Episode 207 It's All About the Love:Interview Sterling Jaquith Brene Brown said, “If we want to fully experience love and belonging, we must believe that we are worthy of love and belonging.” We are going to build on this idea. Step 1 is to believe we are worthy of love and belonging. Step 2 is to develop self-love I am currently reading a book called, Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth, by Tommy Rosa and Stephen Sinatra, MD, where Tommy shares his near-death experience and the things he was taught in while in “heaven” and one of the most important points he learned was about self-love. He said -  “To be self-loving is the foundation of divine love. Divine love flows eternally and unconditionally between God and all living beings and never waivers. But for you to truly perceive and feel divine love, there must be a foundation of self-love in your life. With this foundation you can also love others unconditionlly, as God loves you. You will be able to love without fear and without wanting. Self-love also activates the Divine Spark within you. You will become love, and you will find your life filled with miracles and possibilities. So, love yourself first - without ego - and you will be complete within.”  I’ve put this podcast together today because a couple things fell in line. 1. I want to feel that love because I think it’s hard to love our neighbor as God does when we don’t understand what that kind of love feels like. 2. because I am reading that book. And, 3. Because the other day I was listening to Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School podcast and she was doing an interview with Sterling Jaquith, a Catholic Mom Life Coach that was talking the god-love, self-love talk.  I invited Sterling to the show, because I wanted to talk with her about these topics. You get to listen in. Tune into the audio program to hear our discussion on these topics: What do you think of this idea that we have to have self-love as our foundation before we can love others? What about the idea that we have to love ourselves before we can truly perceive and feel divine love?  How did you learn this concept? Have you felt God’s love in a direct way? There are those people who have had the opportunity to feel an actual down pour of God’s love upon them. For those who have felt that incredible, all-encompassing love, it’s hard for them to put it into words, because there is simply no earthly comparison they can draw for us. They use terms like, non-judgmental, flowing, utter peace, unconditional…sometimes we get these reports from those who have had a near-death experience, or from someone who shares a deeply personal moment where God has enveloped them in his love and let them feel it first-hand.  What are steps we can take to increase our self love? “One way to engender self-love is through forgiveness. Learning to forgive others as well as yourself…” To contact Sterling Jaquith:Catholic Life Coach http://www.madeforgreatness.co/ (www.madeforgreatness.co) Lets just review the steps for accessing that great understanding of who we are and how much we are loved. #1 - as Brene Brown stated, we have to believe we are worthy of love and belonging. #2 Once we get that we are worthy of it, we much work to love and accept ourselves - this is what Love Your Story is all about - coming to love who you are and what you’ve been through, no matter how messy the path has been. #3 With these under our belt we begin to access divine love, which helps us to love ourselves even more, to love others better, to begin to feel God’s divine love for us.  Your challenge for this week is to check in with yourself. Do you believe that you are worthy of love? Do you accept and love YOU? Ask a few searching questions - how does knowing your own worth help you love others better?  As we close out 2021 I want to remind you to pick...
Dec 1 2021
41 mins
Episode 206: A Doable, Enjoyable Guide to Living the Life You Want – Interview Danielle Dinkelman
Episode 206: A Doable, Enjoyable Guide to Living the Life You Want - Interview Danielle Dinkelman If Diets don’t work, What does? - A doable, enjoyable guide to living the life you want. Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. Today’s episode is about how to create real change when we want to. It’s about our health and lifestyle. Now before you tune out because it’s been done a million times, let me tell you what’s different….Danielle Dinkelman was referred to me by a fellow podcast host. I liked the idea of intentionally creating a healthy lifestyle, but everyone has an angle on this. The reason I took a look at her book  “If diets don’t work, what does.” was because I was coming up hard agains the Covid 15 pound weight gain. But there are a couple things I know about myself - 1st - I’ve never had to diet, I don’t. I don’t own a scale. If I tell myself I can have some food I will inevitably eat 3 or 4 more times of that food than I normally would. It is completely unrealistic for me to even pretend for one moment that I’m going to ever go on a diet. I also know I have to manage who I am, not try to will power my way into anything. I’ve also had a hard time getting myself to go to the gym no matter how many times I’ve put it on my calendar. So…..long story short, what did Danielle Dinkelman have to say that hadn’t been said before and would it actually be useful? She sent me her book. I read it because I was feeling a little desperate to get back into my really cool hiking shorts that I’d only had for one season before Covid his and I sat around on my butt, in front of my computer in Zoom meetings for a year. I read it to see if it would be worthy of you, my audience.    Tune in for a couple really strong ideas that will work for everyone….. Danielle is in the house. Let's talk about how  we create a healthy eating and exercising lifestyle we will enjoy - one not filled with desperation? To contact Danielle or buy her book: Danielle Dinkelman, NBC-HWC National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach Spark Health Coaching, LLC http://www.danielledinkelman.com/ (www.danielledinkelman.com) https://www.youtube.com/healthylivingwithdanielledinkelman (youtube.com/healthylivingwithdanielledinkelman)   I think living your best life on purpose definitely includes taking care of your body. It is the case that houses your spirit and when you feel good, you rock things. Feeling good is important, and the greatest chance of creating a lifestyle that is healthy is to have realistic expectations and to create habits that you are excited about. Fun habits and eating that serve you rather than feel like handcuffs. There are good foods we like, and exercises and movements we are more drawn to than others. We CAN create healthy lifestyles that serve us. Your challenge for this week is to take a look at the habits you have around food or exercise and see if they need to be replaced. Then consider a healthy food or movement you would really enjoy that it would be fun to create a new habit around. It’s a great place to start. And, if you need help you can call Danielle. Thanks for being here - Live your best life on purpose! Create habits that serve YOU! Start the new year intentionally and in charge of your own life. See you in two weeks. Share this podcast with someone who would enjoy it.
Nov 17 2021
37 mins
Episode 205: You Do You – Live Your Own Colorful Story
Episode 205: You Do You - Live Your Own Colorful Story   The other day I was emailing with a woman who said she was really concerned about her granddaughter. She was trying to teach her granddaughter - or encourage her - to do her own life. You Do You! She said infatically. I wondered which podcast episode might be a support to her granddaughter, and I suggested a couple, but I realized we talk about this all the time, in lots of different stories, but wouldn’t it be fun to have one episode that brought some of those together. This is our You Do You episode. Stay tuned for lots of fun thoughts on overcoming the stigmas that hold us back, the power to change our circumstances, samples on what it looks like to customize your life, and let’s create our own magic as we live our own bright, magical, individual lives. Sometimes our lives are unexpected - always. In fact if was this very question “Did your life turn out as you expected” that was the first Love Your Story research project. 19 out of 20 peoples lives did NOT turn out as they expected. That’s perfectly normal. But as we seek to live our own big lives - as we struggle to find our way, often times there are a couple things we must accept: 1. We need to accept who we are fully (accept and love ourselves) and where we’ve been (all the good and the bad. All the blessings and the set-backs). 2. We are responsible for creating the life we want for ourselves. No one else gets to be blamed for what we create or don’t create. 3. Our life experiences, talents and the things that light us up qualify us to do what we came to do and be who we came to be. Your magic and living into what you love will help you live big. Tune into the audio program to hear the clips highlighted below.  Here is a clip from episode 104 with Taunia Dawn Terry and a bit about how she found her path. Our experience gives us insight that makes us uniquely qualified to do certain things. You can change when you don’t like where you are at. What she called the divine right not to settle. And as we change and grow we come to know ourselves better and what works for us.  One of the road blocks we run into as we navigate our culture and desire to be accepted is that of what others think of us. Here is a clip from Laurann Turner’s story in episode 127, where she talks about this struggle for her and coming to understand that she didn’t want to settle. As she became aware of the control other’s approval had on her, she could also shift instead of stay stuck. To live our full destiny, or simply to create our own happiness, there is the novel idea of taking it a step further - actually thinking outside the box of cultural, familial, religions, etc. expectation to find a path that works for us - an individual solution - even if it deviates.  Here is Rebecca Dahl in episode 132 and our discussion about the book Deviate. This illustrates the idea in a super interesting way. At the core of everything we are talking about customizing our lives. In episode 133 I spoke with Erik and Emily Orton about their 5000 mile trip across the Caribbean and how they got there and what it took to go the distance in this radical customization. Marvin Cassler, as you’ll hear, is the premier example of living everyday in a very unconventional way. His example of thinking outside the box in order to live life on his own terms, is one of the most radical I’ve heard. What does You Do You look like to you? Is it sailing the Caribbean, living in a storage shed, creating a marriage on unusual terms, or quitting a job and starting over? Is it learning more about you so you know what you want to create? Is it creating courage to do it your way despite the expectations of others?  I truly believe that we are all individual lights. We all have our own set of talents, skills, natural ways of being, and that color and magic that we are is needed in the world. When we don’t live true to ourselves we stunt...
Nov 3 2021
32 mins
Episode 204: A Look at Adapting – Interview with Kimber Cross
Episode 204: A Look at Adapting - Interview Kimber Cross Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast where we sit around this technological campfire and share stories of doing hard and fabulous things, shining a light on overcoming road blocks for living our best lives on purpose.  Today’s guest, Kimber Cross, is an adaptive athlete from Tacoma, Washington. Born without fingers on her right hand, Kimber didn’t let that slow her down. From the time she was young her athletic spirit always found a way. Today Kimber is an avid alpinist who climbs routes up the volcanoes of the Northwest, as well as peaks of the Cascades and Olympics. The past 3 years she’s been focused on ice climbing using a custom prosthetic Petzl ice tool.  Stay tuned for her story of what it was like growing up without fingers on your right hand, how she’s adapted and excelled, and what she’s learned from the journey. Tune in to the audio program to hear Kimber's experiences as she shows us what it looks like to adapt. To follow Kimber: Instagram: @kimberbelle   We all have obstacles in our individual lives. These obstacles are as individual to each of us as our lives are. Some of these obstacles are more obvious to others - like not having a hand, while other obstacles may be deep grief, loss, hidden abuse, depression, anxiety, etc. etc. These challenges make us stronger as we face them. Could Kimber have played small and afraid, not risking, feeling handicapped. Trying to stay hidden? She could have, and so can we as we face our obstacles, but we also have the much better choice to square our shoulders, look straight at the challenge, and one day at a time, one choice at a time, get strong. It’s always a choice. Your challenge for this week is to consider the something in your life you need to gain some strength around. That thing you know gives you lots of growth opportunities, and take one strengthening step toward it and away from a story that limits you. Thanks for being here with us today. We’ll see you in 2 weeks for the next fabulous episode. Go live big!
Oct 20 2021
41 mins
Episode 203: Today You Choose – It’s all about Family: Interview Jason Martin
Episode 203: Today You Choose - It's all about Family: Interview Jason Martin This is Your Captain Speaking - Life Lessons from the Journey So Far Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. How often have you thought about the importance of intentionally making your family - the people you love - the most important thing in your life? Not just in word and intention, but in actuality?  On today’s show I’m talking with Jason Martin, the author or This is your Captain Speaking - Life Lessons from the Journey so far. As I read his book it was easy to sum up the entire premise - Make Your Family Your Top Priority, and the intentionality of making memories, recording memories, sharing memories with loved ones. In this heartwarming book he wrote to his family, Jason Martin takes us on a journey inside his life as a husband, father, provider, and a family leader. You will watch as he shows you how to create a life filled with memories that your children will remember for the rest of their lives. By creating a legacy built on the foundations of love, hope, and gratitude, your family will learn critical life lessons to become the best versions of everything they can be. —-This is what we are all about on the Love Your Story podcast - intentionally creating the life we want on purpose. Stay tuned for my discussion with Jason - the Captain of his family, and I think you’ll leave with some ideas for your own intentional family living. Jason Martin has not experience as a writer, in fact he failed copy editing in college, but he is a believer in dreams and stretching. He is a former sports anchor and currently runs one of the most successful real estate teams in Washington D.C., but above all, his family is his #1 priority. He and his wife Jennifer have 3 human children and a dog named Scooby, and together they live a fun, wild, everyday normal life. Jason writes this book specifically to his family, addressing them in unexpected places. There is not question we are peaking into a compilation he wrote for his family, but in that compilation we see what it looks like to put family first. There is no doubt he wishes to teach, support and leave a legacy for his kids. Tune in to the audio program to hear my discussion with Jason. You don't want to miss it. You start out your book with “Anyone who knows me will tell you that above all else comes family.” Let’s start out with why…. To contact Jason or buy his book: todayyouchoose.com jason@jasonmartingroup.com https://www.amazon.com/This-Your-Captain-Speaking-Lessons/dp/1954801009/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1625763215&sr=8-2 The last section of this book has a list of 9 final lessons. I wanted to end with 3 of them that I liked. #1 - Consistency: Consistency is required for success in life. As you create your best life story on purpose be consistent with those things that really matter. Consistently be there - show up. Consistently be kind. Consistently listen. Consistently sit down and tackle that project. Intentionality requires consistency. #2 What you tell yourself matters - here we are back to the idea that the stories you tell yourself are the most powerful stories you will ever tell. If your self-talk is uplifting and supportive you’ll fly. #3 Ideas to Action - as you intentionally plan what you want in your story you’ll start with an idea. If you don’t put that idea into action it won’t happen. So remember, intentionally living requires you to take action. Even if it takes years to show up.  Your challenge for this week is to think about your family. Think about the priority they are for you and see if your actions are aligned with where that priority sits in your mind and heart. All these ideas we’ve discussed today are ideas you can teach your family. Kids and help parents understand new ideas and parents should absolutely teach children how to live intentionally. If there is something you can tweak this week to help your kids learn...
Oct 6 2021
38 mins
Episode 202: Challenge #19 Meditation: Interview Andrea Carver
Episode 202: Challenge #19 Meditation: Interview Andrea Carver We create. Everyday we create connection, chaos, possibility, drama, conversation, expectations, money, homes, relationships, works of art, friction, love, stories, or we don’t… Our power lies in our ability to direct our life story with every choice  and every thought. Welcome to the 21 Challenges - 21 life hacks that have been set up to help you connect, take care of self, create possibility, and get out of the dol drums.  This series of podcasts highlights the challenges one-by-one to give you background on why the challenge was included in the 21, a deeper understanding of the concept itself, and ideas on how to implement it. These simple challenges create big ah-ha’s and leave you with some great new tools to play with. Today we focus on Challenge #19 - Meditate. Take 20 minutes to meditate today. Find a quiet place, quiet your mind, focus on your breathing and let everything rest for the moment.  It has been proven that those who meditate regularly have increased energy, increased presence of mind, and even increased health and intellect. There are many forms of meditation. For this challenge, choose one that works for you, but the idea is that you will absolutely, definitely, spend 20 minutes slowing down and trying it out. As a special gift and guest today I’m bring your Andrea Carver, a long time meditator and meditation specialist. Tune into the audio program to hear the answers to questions such as: Why meditate? What does meditating look like? There are so many types of meditation. What types do you suggest? What do you find when you meditate? Some thoughts/quotes on meditation: “Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.” – Swami Muktananda “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” – Thich Nhat Hahn "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." -- Buddha "Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul." --Marcus Aurelius Andrea Carver provides a 15 minuted guided meditation in the audio program to help you get started.
Sep 22 2021
33 mins
Episode 201: Iditarod Trail Invitational - 350 Miles of Self-Sustained Running in the Alaskan Wilderness: Interview - Austin Hansen
Episode 201: Iditarod Trail Invitational - 350 Miles of Self-Sustained Running in the Alaskan Wilderness: Interview - Austin Hansen The Iditarod Trail Invitational is the world's longest running winter ultra-marathon. One of the most challenging experiences on the planet, participants brave extreme physical, environmental and mental challenges as they travel along the historic Iditarod Trail on bicycle, foot or skis. Requiring self-sufficiency and the considerable resilience to make it through up to 30 frozen days and nights, the Iditarod Trail Invitational has built its reputation on notoriously inhospitable conditions and minimal outside support. For its participants, the Iditarod Trail Invitational is a measure of human willpower like no other. On today’s show I bring you Austin Hansen, a man who was not only invited, but succeeded in completing the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 this year in 2021 -  thats 350 Miles of self-sustained, snow laden, torture, in my book. Tune in to the audio program to hear about his adventure, the reasons he does it, and what he’s learned. Austin Hansen has spent the last 5 years running marathons - 15 marathons, 8 Ultras, and 3 full triathlons, but this year he took a giant step into Winter Ultra Marathons. Welcome to the show. To contact Austin: Instagram: austwhansen Email: austinHansen8@gmail.com While we may not all be ready to hop a plane to Alaska to traverse the frozen tundra for hundreds of miles unsupported, we each have challenging paths. Hearing stories of how people embrace these types of physical challenges serve as motivation and example for what it looks like to really put your whole heart and soul into self-discipline, focus, pushing yourself, and being strong when everything in you wants to quit. For one person it may be on a physical level, for another it may be emotional or mental, sometimes it’s both. Thank you Austin for sharing your storyl. Your challenge this week is to look at the biggest challenge in your life right now and think about what you’ve heard today. How can you stay the path?  Have a great week and as we sign off, here’s a word from the show sponsor, the 21-Life Connection Challenges that can help you and people your work with, live with, or play with join together for personal growth and connection:
Sep 8 2021
35 mins
Episode 200: Use Your Stories to Find Your Ideal Career – Interview Kerri Twigg
Episode 200: Use Your Stories to Find Your Ideal Career - Interview Kerri Twigg The Love Your Story podcast is about loving your story on all levels. Today we explore a new level - how to use story to find your best and most satisfying career - and we’ll start with the stories we tell about ourselves….no really, not just in theory and how those stories affect our self confidence, but these stories are the foundation for The Career Stories Method, by Kerri Twigg, as she helps us narrow in on the career stories we have and how to use them to get into your ideal work.    My interview with Kerri takes a look at her 11 step method for finding or creating your perfect career, and how to use your stories in your cover letter, resume, and online postings.   Before I interview authors I always try to read their books to make sure they are a good fit for my audience and that their work is legit. I got Kerri’s book - The Career Stories Method, from her PR firm 2 weeks ago, and while I was not sure I’d make it through it in time for the interview I jumped in. As I read I discovered that the steps were interesting, thought provoking, and I started doing the work and considering my own stories as I read along. I’ve sticky notes poking out of many pages and I’ve got my 3x5 cards with my stories in a little stack. She’s legit. Kerri Twigg is the founder and operator of Career Stories. Though courses and coaching she helps people use their stories to grow their careers, or find their ideal work. She’s worked for 20 years helping people find out what makes them awesome and how that helps their career.    “A resume is where you put your most incredible stories in one place in order to open up opportunities.” —Kerri Twigg on her Ted Talk   Tune into our interview for the 11 Steps to finding your ideal career and for my talk with Kerri about her story. To contact Kerri: www.career-stories.com TEDx Talk - Burn Your Old Resume Her Book: The Career Stories Method: 11 Steps to Find Your Ideal Career - and Discover Your Awesome Self in the Process I love a couple things about the Career Story Method. The first is that it’s a process of discovering your awesome self. It guides us through a detailed look at the things we really shine at, and that’s a fun journey. The second is the focus on the power of story, which is, of course, what this entire podcast is set up for, to help remind you how important our stories our - our stories, the ones we tell ourselves about ourselves, about other people, about our lives and situations. These will bring us happiness or misery. Stories help us illustrate to others our experience and help others share with us their experiences - it’s how we find our way down the human path. Kerri has methodized a way to using your stories to bless you and your path. She says she does this process every year, and encourages us to do the same. I found it a very interesting process, I’d recommend it. Especially if you need a change, but even if you don’t it helps you really dial in on what you’re good at. - And who doesn’t want a little more of that. See you in two weeks for the next episode of the Love Your Story podcast.
Aug 25 2021
30 mins