At Home with the Lectionary

Fr. Aaron Burt and Marissa Burt

Join Fr. Aaron and Marissa Burt as they discuss Sunday lectionary texts from the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). Fr. Aaron serves as Rector of Advent Anglican, an ACNA church in the greater Seattle area. Marissa is an author and educator. Both have two decades of experience in the Anglican tradition and seminary degrees in Bible and theology. From that foundation, we aim for our podcast to be a casual, unscripted conversation about the readings. Our hope is that lovers of the Word will enjoy exploring the texts beyond what a Sunday sermon can give time to--and that preachers will find this tour through the texts a helpful contribution to their sermon prep. Also, you can visit https://www.prayersofthefaithful.org/ to find prayers based on the Sunday lections to be used in corporate worship.