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Back Issue reminisces on moments in pop culture’s past that have shaped our present. Each episode brings personal reflection, incredible guests, and plenty of deep belly laughs. This season our co-pilot Tracy Clayton is taking a break, so Josh Gwynn has invited some very special guest co-hosts to share their perspective on some of the most formative stories in pop culture. We start out with not just another hair story but a conversation about the gendered politics of specific hairstyles as Josh sets out on a mission to get a silk press. We’ll also reflect on iconic award speeches, explore what our brains do on gossip, break down the backstories of Degrassi and Cheetah Girls, decide if Josh should become the next Black ex-pat, and discuss which multi-hyphenate performers are deserving of their flowers. read less

Our Editor's Take

Back Issue is a podcast that brings fans on a hilarious look at old school entertainment stories. This Millennial-focused series talks about great moments in popular culture. It celebrates Black artistic achievements as it spreads laughter. Josh Gwynn and Tracy Clayon host. Celebrity guest cohosts also join the conversation.

Josh and Tracy talk about everything from Freaknik to America's Next Top Model. Both Fire Marshall Bill and Beyoncé have a spot on this show. The cohosts discuss the musicians and actors who have made an impact on American pop culture.

The hosts bring their unique brand of humor to every episode. They make people laugh out loud as they reminisce about great moments in entertainment. Fans of 90s TV shows and musicians may particularly like this show.

Tracy started her audio career in 2015 on the BuzzFeed-produced Another Round, with cohost Heben Nigatu. The podcast featured notable guests like Hilary Clinton and Issa Rae. Slate and The Atlantic crowned it the best of 2015. Josh had worked with Tracy on other podcasts before cohosting Back Issue. He got his start as an intern at BuzzFeed, then becoming producer and host. Tracy and Josh have a similar disposition when it comes to pop culture and current events. The cohosts are on the same wavelength. Their interactions appear seamless and effortless.

Many guests join the fun. In Living Color's Tommy Davidson talks about the show's cultural impact. Sherri Shepherd shares her thoughts on daytime talk shows. Sometimes the conversations get serious. The hosts talk about Whitney Houston's life and untimely demise.

Fans can sit back, relax, and let Tracy and Josh bring them on a journey through entertainment's past. Episodes drop on a periodic basis and run just under an hour.

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