Speaking Of... Conversations on Voice, Speech, and Identity with Ryan O'Shea

Ryan O'Shea

Speaking Of... is a show about how we use our voices both in performance and in everyday life. Through conversations with performers, teachers, and anyone who has a voice, voice and speech coach Ryan O'Shea explores questions about how our voices and the ways we speak help shape and express our identity. Can someone's voice tell you whether or not they're a good person? Is there any way to change how you sound without feeling inauthentic? We'll examine these questions and many more in the course of the show by combining practical exercises and conceptual discussions about what it means to utilize your voice.

“Why was James Corden’s performance in Netflix’s THE PROM offensive to gay people?” with Tim Murray“Is there such a thing as a ‘natural’ accent?” with Kevin Clayette“How do I manipulate the volume of my voice?” with Dominick Bailey“What are your thoughts on the [So-Called] African-American Vernacular of English?” with Rachel Finley“Why do we make assumptions about individual’s race based on how they sound?” with Brandon PiperMailbag: Listener Questions! —with Speech Therapist/Voice Expert, Joanna CazdenBONUS: The Breath and Voice For Actors (Ryan O'Shea on "The Modern Actor" Podcast)What is “The Actor’s Practice”?—with Helena WalshHow can I help myself be more present when I’m feeling overwhelmed?—with Jessica Barrett DenisonWhat is a "Shakespeare voice?" —with Scott FerraraHow do I release my voice when I’m under stress?—with Vivi DevereauxMailbag—Listener Questions!What is a "woman's voice"? with Lisa ErmelHow can I express myself without using vocal fry? What sort of warm-up should I be doing before going on set? with Eddie RamosWhy do I sometimes drop off of my words in performance? And how do I project my voice in a theatre without straining my voice? with Cara MyersWhy do I feel fine having conversations in meetings, but feel nervous giving presentations? with Cameron CramerHow does our posture affect our breath? with Arianne VillarealWhat makes a voice masculine or feminine? What does it mean to have a “gay” voice? with Kevin WhitmireCan the sound of someone's voice tell you whether they're a good or bad person? with Daniel JaarHow does our ancestors’ experience of their voice affect ours? with Ana Lorena Sánchez