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Deepak Chopra is a pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, a bestselling author, and a world-renowned speaker. In his Science & Spirituality Podcast, he embarks on a captivating journey to explore the greatest mystery of all: what makes us conscious beings?

Through a series of engaging conversations and insightful stories, Chopra delves into the intersection of science, consciousness, art, culture, humor, the future, and even outer space. He invites leading experts and luminaries from diverse fields to share their perspectives and insights.

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Magic Mushrooms With Special Guest, Paul Stamets
Jan 9 2024
Magic Mushrooms With Special Guest, Paul Stamets
Dive deep into the fascinating world of magic mushrooms with Dr. Deepak Chopra and legendary mycologist Paul Stamets. This conversation explores the science, spirituality, and potential of these remarkable organisms, from their role in ancient rituals to their modern-day applications in healing and consciousness exploration. Embark on a mind-expanding journey through the mycelial network, revealing the profound potential of mushrooms to heal our bodies, minds, and planet.Key topics:Unraveling the Mystery: Paul's journey from childhood fascination to leading authority on mushrooms and their impact on the human mind and body.Psychedelic Secrets: The science behind psilocybin and its ability to promote neuroplasticity, reduce anxiety and depression, and even increase neurogenesis.Microdosing Magic: Unveil the benefits of microdosing with psilocybin and discover the "stack" that could be a game-changer for cognitive function and aging.Mushrooms, Myths & Morality: From Soma to Manna, explore the historical and spiritual significance of mushrooms across cultures and traditions.Healing the Planet: Discover how mushrooms can hold the key to ecosystem restoration, bioremediation, and sustainable living.Quotes:“People out there don’t know that psychedelics are non-addictive. In fact, they are anti-addictive by nature.”(14:45)“I believe psilocybin makes nicer people.”(18:09)Hashtags:#mushrooms #mycology #psychedelics #microdosing #consciousness #science #spirituality #healing #climatechange #sustainability #DeepakChopra #PaulStametsPaul Stamets BIOPaul Edward Stamets is an American mycologist and entrepreneur who sells various mushroom products through his company. He is an author and advocate of medicinal fungi and mycoremediation. Follow him on social media his references and publications, please visit www.mushroomreferences.comTo enroll in the study: