Off the Cup with Hoppy and Hobbs

Off the Cup

A podcast focusing on the San Diego Padres, Major League Baseball, and other sports topics featuring the world renowned duo of Hoppy and Hobbs!

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#57 - Perfect .500
Apr 9 2022
53 mins
#57 - Perfect .500#56 - Padres, Padres, Padres - Predicting the Opening Day Roster#55 - MLB is Back!  New CBA, Rumors and Padres Talk54 - Padres Make a Trade, MLB Free Agency, Yellowstone#53 - We're back!  Talkin' Padres and free agency!#52 - FIGHT!  Manny Machado vs. Fernando Tatis Jr.#51 - Urias hits Cronenworth on purpose?  Is this the end for the Padres?#50 - Padres need a rainout!#49 - Padres stuff... and our next episode is #50!#48 - Is Fernando Tatis Jr. an outfielder?#47 - MLB Trade Deadline Extravaganza, Fernando Tatis Jr.#46 - Cleveland Guardians, Fernando Tatis Jr., Trade Rumors#45 - Should the Padres trade Jake Cronenworth?#44 - Slam Diego Padres, home run derby, how good is your favorite team#43 - Blake Snell becomes Snellzilla, Padres Notes, The All Star Game, Pitchers & Foreign Substances#42 - San Diego Padres, The Javy Baez Play, Shohei Ohtani, and much more!#41 - Talkin' Baseball: Padres, No-Hitters, & 3-0 Swinging#40 - We're Back!  Bunting. Padres, and...#39 - To All Padres Fans: Relax there's still 140 games left#38 - Padres v Dodgers / This week in Baseball / More MLB Rule Changes