Week Zero Sports and Other Stuff

Week Zero

Co-hosts Pettey and Michael break down college football, "other" sports, current events, music, food and drink, and much more. We work hard to develop original takes with an entertaining spin. We hope you enjoy the podcast!
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0049 - Almost half a hundred
Nov 11 2021
26 mins
0049 - Almost half a hundred0048 - Truth Bombs, Picks and The Pole Assassin0047 - It's Hard to Light a Dumpster with a Vape Pen0046 - Losers Make Leaders0045 - Popcorn, Urban's Hands and Teeing Off in Front of Saban0044 - Ole Miss vs Bama Gameday Preview w/ Justin Riley of The Bama Standard0043 - Bama vs Ole Miss Preview with The Bama Standard0042 - Because Tennessee Sucks0041 - Deez Nuts0040 - Pass the Crack Rock, Brother0039 - Technical Difficulties...0038 - The Stink of Desparation0037 - Take the Damn Bet0036 - NCAA Tournament Preview - Final 4.... Fingers?0035 - NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Preview & Of Course, Beer0034 - Ramble, Ramble, Ramble - Season 3 is Unfiltered0033 - Super Bowl LV Preview - Season Finale0032 - Gameday Blasphemy0031 - COVID Tigers and Parlays w/ special guest William Bone0030 - Real Football Starts Today!