From the King of Sports Books comes the new King of Sports Podcasts. Hosts Olivia Harlan Dekker and Yannis Pappas come together to bring you interesting interviews from around the world of sports, sports betting, entertainment, and lifestyle. Unleashed, presented by BetMGM, features stories for everyone whether you're a sneakerhead, foodie, reality-tv junkie, or a sports bettor. Plus, hear from some of the greatest athletes to grace the stages of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, and more.
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The King of Sportsbooks Unleashed
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It’s time to ring in the New Year and listen to Unleashed from BetMGM with Olivia Harlan Dekker and Yannis Pappas as they talk with this week’s special guest, NFL Analyst at ESPN, Mina Kimes! This episode is all about the National Football League and together the trio discuss what has been going on around the country and what to expect from the last week of the regular season. Who’s clinched a spot in the playoffs? Who’s still fighting for one? Get an inside scoop into the highs and lows, victories and defeats that this football season has offered as well as some of the biggest stories you may have missed over the holiday season. Not only do the three dive into stories from the field but we also get some insight into the excitement off the turf too, from Antonio Brown’s unanticipated early exit to speculation about Aaron Rodgers returning to Green Bay for one more ride. Mina discusses her thoughts on the extended season schedule, as well as some of these wild card teams that just don’t seem to want to quit. Hear about some of the trends that have developed this season and how analytics and statistics are changing the way coaches and players approach the sport of football and play the game each week. Learn about this season's exciting race for MVP and what players possibly will and won’t be making the list this year. We also will speak with BetMGM’s Peter Andreu as he stops by to give us this week's betting tips for the NFL and we get to find out who has won this week's “Punishment Picks”. If you love football, this is the episode for you! So grab your jersey and helmet, hit play and get ready for Unleashed, brought to you by BetMGM!  Follow UsTwitter @BetMGMFacebook @BetMGMInstagram @BetMGMPresented by BetMGMwww.BetMGM.com
Jan 6 2022
58 mins
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Get ready for another exciting episode of Unleashed presented by BetMGM, the king of sportsbooks, this week features NFL alumni and former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Merril Hoge! More than just a former athlete and football player, Merril is a concussion recovery advocate, published author and he even served as an analyst for ESPN. This week he sits down with our duo, Olivia Harlan Dekker and Yannis Pappas, to talk about what's going on around the NFL, his experience while playing under the pads and a bit about his time off the field as well! Learn first hand about what it was like playing in the National Football League more than two decades ago and how it has evolved into the game we know today. Listen to the trio discuss Merril’s time in Pittsburgh and learn some of his favorite things about playing for such an iconic organization. Hear about what ultimately led to him hanging up his helmet and the story behind what has kept him happy, healthy and motivated. Take a deep dive into learning about how health, clean eating and the world of wellness has changed for professional athletes since the 1990’s. But that is not all! You will also get some first-hand betting advice from the man himself about when to hedge your bets and when to go all this season. Later on the show we will get our insider betting tips from BetMGM’s Peter Andreu and get a preview of this weekend’s NFL matchups! Not to mention you’ll hear the winner of the “Bad Beat of The Week'' and find out who is the big loser for our “Punishment Picks.” This is an episode you do not want to miss! So get ready and sit back for this brilliant episode of Unleashed, brought to you by BetMGM. Follow UsTwitter @BetMGMFacebook @BetMGMInstagram @BetMGMPresented by @BetMGMwww.@BetMGM.com
Nov 4 2021
51 mins
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