Scott Roussel

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Our Editor's Take

The FootballScoop podcast features what the title indicates. It has inside news on football. It comes from the people behind the FootballScoop website. Since 1999, that site has provided knowledge of the college football coaching world. The popular website releases many articles each week on the latest coaching news.

Company president Scott Roussel hosts the FootballScoop podcast. Doug Samuels, Zach Barnett, and John Brice, who also write for the website, also speak on the podcast.

The mission of the FootballScoop podcast is simple. It wants to help the coaching profession and those who dedicate their lives to the success of others. What drives the coaching profession? What impact does the move from team to team have on the families of coaches? What happens to coaches during the off-season?

How do coaches get hired and fired? The podcasting team answers these questions and many more.

Along with guests, they share their love of college football through engaging conversations. It's important to the hosts that listeners not only hear the coach's stories. They believe they should hear these stories from the coaches themselves. The hosts do not only speak from the sidelines. Roussel and Samuels have both played on the field themselves. Samuels is a head coach as well. He leads the team at Comstock Park High School.

FootballScoop also analyzes high school football and coaching practices. The hosts' love of the game and its coaches is obvious. The podcast will fascinate listeners. New episodes come out throughout the year, with more episodes during football season.

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