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Fire up your Bunsen burners and join award-winning comedian Laura Lexx as she attempts to pass her Science GCSEs (all over again) with the help of nerdy younger brother, Ron. Every week the squabbling siblings dissect a topic from the baddest educational document on the planet - the UK’s National Curriculum. Microbiology, magnetism, manganese…can long-suffering Ron explain atomic structures or will Laura be forever banging her head against the periodic table? Whether you love thermodynamics - or ridiculous family dynamics - Lexx Education takes you back to your school days to find out whether it’s possible to relearn your GCSEs…or be forever doomed to looking things up on Wikipedia.

Jul 17 2022
Welcome back to the chemistry lab… it’s our second delve into the world of atoms, electrons, neutrons and protons AKA Bob Marley, sound engineers, sad boys and parties!   This week Ron tries to introduce the concepts of Relative Charge and Relative Mass to a Laura that still can’t quite remember whether she’s talking about cells or atoms. Even if she could remember, the fact they both have nucleus’ apparently renders them both stupid and pointless anyway.   There’s also going to be maths. Gross, horrible, number filled maths… Laura tries to get her head around the sums that will let her know the average weight of an atom, and why isotopes are more than a baseball team.   What is an isotope? Will we find out? If we find out is there any chance of it staying in the swamp brain? Join the sciencey siblings for more arguing, baffling analogies and squabbling over who is paying attention.   Lexx Education is partnered with Podspike. Podspike have been integral to the launch of Lexx Education; helping with marketing advice, strategies and assets. Contact Podspike today for help with your podcast. Powered by podspike.com   If you like your podcasts written down, an automatically generated transcript of this podcast is available here:   Don’t forget to subscribe and rate us on your chosen podcast app: a 5* review for Lexx Education really makes all the difference in helping us find more people like you who love our nonsense.   See you next week, when we’re back to the dreaded physics…