Chameleon: The Michigan Plot

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In the fall of 2020, 14 men were arrested across three states in a series of FBI raids that shocked the nation. The government alleged that these men conspired to kidnap, and possibly even kill, the sitting governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer. But is that really what happened? On season 7 of Chameleon, we’ll explore that notorious plot to kidnap governor Whitmer from its inception by taking listeners on an unprecedented journey inside the investigation. Through hundreds of hours of wire recordings that have never been heard by the public, you’ll ride along in the pocket of an FBI informant posing as a militia member, as he infiltrates an anti-government group that seems dangerous. But are they? Was the plot to kidnap governor Whitmer the sophisticated plan the government said it was, or just the stoned fantasies of a group of down-on-their-luck gun nuts? Did the FBI stop a dangerous plot in motion…or did it help to create it? Want the full story? Unlock all episodes of Chameleon: The Michigan Plot, ad-free, right now by subscribing to The Binge. Plus, get binge access to brand new stories dropping on the first of every month — that’s all episodes, all at once, all ad-free. Just click ‘Subscribe’ on the top of the Chameleon show page on Apple Podcasts or visit to get access wherever you listen. From Campside Media and Sony Music Entertainment, this is Season 7 of Chameleon: The Michigan Plot. Find out more about The Binge and other podcasts from Sony Music Entertainment at and follow us @sonypodcasts. read less

Our Editor's Take

Thanks to modern technology, the "scam likely" label helps people avoid cons on the phone. Yet, infamous con artists have duped people out of fortunes throughout history. The Chameleon podcast explores some of the most nefarious cons ever run. The show's fifth season, Chameleon: Dr. Dante, examines how a renowned hypnotist could extort his talents.

This true crime podcast doesn't involve horrible violent crimes. Instead, it explores some of the most devious white-collar crimes. Squeamish true crime fans may enjoy the lack of excessive violence on the show.

Chameleon: Dr. Dante follows the true story of Dr. Ronald Dante. The virtuosic hypnotist used his talent to con his way to being worth millions. Listeners of the podcast may find it unthinkable that anyone could scam people out of so much money. Dr. Dante, who was, in fact, not a real doctor at all, had powerful charisma. From humble beginnings as a stage hypnotist, he became a renowned lecturer. Dante's ruthless extortion of his abilities and connections would have devastating repercussions.

The host of Chameleon: Dr. Dante, Sam Mullins, depicts the historical context of Dante's story. The podcast includes fascinating interviews and archival materials. The sound design blends the host's narration with audio from people involved in the stories.

Chameleon: Dr. Dante is an immersive listening experience. The narration, music, and sound effects pull listeners into the story. Interviews with victims, friends, and family add credibility to the show. Mullins analyzes and comments on the psychological factors at play. The show also reveals how social and economic factors allowed Dante's scam to thrive.

This podcast reveals Dante's incredible life and the aftermath of his actions. The documentary style offers listeners a nuanced view of his motivations. This podcast is popular among true crime lovers. It uncovers the sinister side of human nature and the psychology behind Dante's long criminal career. Fans of this podcast may appreciate the other Chameleon seasons, such as "Scam Likely" and "Wild Boys."

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