You are dope! Podcast

Sharif Colbert, Taylor Colbert

Join Sharif, founder of LifeCoachATL and Co-Host Taylor Colbert, to explore personal growth topics in a forum that is designed to have a positive impact on peoples lives and remind everyone: “You are dope.” This podcast will touch on a variety of subjects to have thought provoking conversation, educate and have some fun while doing it. Your host, Sharif, is a gentle giant with a big heart specializing in helping people enhance their lives as a certified Life Coach. Sharif will also welcome guests and highlight people who are doing dope things and who are being of service. This can include, other life coaches, mental health experts, stylists, designers, marketers, singers, dancers, rappers… Any individual that is doing dope things and making a difference in the world. I want to make sure I give people their roses while they can still smell them

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