The Community Experience

SPI Media

What makes a community flourish? How do we build vibrant, supportive online communities? Can brands and organizations facilitate authentic connection through community?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking these questions, you’re in the right place. The Community Experience was designed to explore all things community and to help community facilitators design online communities that thrive, whether yours is a niche community based on fandom, or tied to a personal brand or business. Each week, join host Jillian Benbow to learn practical strategies and insights from people on the cutting edge of community building, as well as a peek behind the curtain into the inner workings of our own branded online community, SPI Pro.

We believe that community-driven content and commerce is changing the landscape of work and life. Through unbridled curiosity, we believe we can help the world increase the impact potential of online communities. Join us for the ride and embrace the experience! New episodes drop every Tuesday, wherever you listen to podcasts.