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Join your Hosts Tommy Cakes and Julie as they garden, homestead and connect with the land on their 10-acre hobby farm in Western Wisconsin. They are learning, doing and growing as these two city dwellers "go country." Remember to always learn, do, grow and be a little better everyday! Come grow with us!

Gratitude Practice: How to Start Expressing Gratitude
Dec 1 2021
Gratitude Practice: How to Start Expressing Gratitude
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Tis the season for having a Daily Gratitude Practice and giving thanks.  After all, how many of us had this conversation during Thanksgiving dinner last week: What are you thankful for? “What are you thankful for” is the usual question that people have and expect a response after grace.  How often were we caught of-guard by such a simple question when the piping hot feast is right in front of us?  We typically mumble something about “family and friends,” stop paying attention to other answers once we are done mumbling and dive into the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing!  Am I right? But did we really think about that question?  Did you pause for a minute and really think about your answer?  Seriously. In this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I am going to talk about starting my gratitude practice a year after writing Practicing Gratitude for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in October 2020.  I’ll finish this episode by discussing How I am going adjust (improve) my daily gratitude practice Describe a small gratitude offering that I recently did in a special place near our Driftless Oaks Farm Giving you 4 Tips for Starting Your own Daily Gratitude Practice REMEMBER: Snow, ice and subzereo temperatures can hurt you (ie, frostbite).  There are MANY ways to ground, develop a gratitude practice and get a dose of Nature. Get outside, be careful and be safe! For show notes, links and more information, check out the article titled "Gratitude Practice: How to Start Expressing Gratitude" on!