Make Your Mark - A Photography Podcast

Denise Birdsong

This podcast answers the question: What’s missing from your work? Putting an end to that endless imposter feeling, revealing ways to be recognized as an accomplished photographer, and finally understanding what it takes to feel confident and rooted in your value as an artist. I am Denise Birdsong, a portrait photographer and educator who is revolutionizing the way our industry creates art. It’s time to shake shit up, are you ready? As a professional photographer, I've run an incredibly thriving wedding, boudoir and portrait photography studio and am an international educator. I love my work, I love my craft and am full of passion to serve other photographers on their journey into creating beautiful art. Nothing is better than giving someone the knowledge, tools and skills to love their work as well, to feel rooted in their value as an artist and have the ability to create art that is authentic and fills them with pride! read less