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Don’t let their TV suits fool you. Former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Marcus Spears aka "Swagu" and NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins are longtime friends from South Texas and they’re ready to let loose. They’re going to go all in on the NFL, the NBA, culture and life and give you a whole lot of real. read less

Our Editor's Take

A former basketball player and a retired football player walk into a podcast studio. What sounds like the intro to a corny punchline is the idea behind Swagu & Perk. This is an ESPN-backed sports podcast. And a brilliant one as such. Throughout the show, hosts Swagu and Perk prove insightful and entertaining. Marcus Spears is Swagu. He's a former football player. Ex-NBA star Kendrick Perkins is Perk. And the duo draws listeners in with their quirky sense of humor.

These two have had successful sports careers. And they also have had a long friendship. After all, they've known each other for over two decades. This strong connection makes up the core of the Swagu & Perk podcast. In addition to sports industry news, the pair shares life experiences from the playing field and their personal lives. Listeners can learn what advice they would give their younger selves. But they also have words of wisdom to share for rising NFL and NBA stars.

Swagu & Perk also share their weaknesses. And more often than not, they are food-related. Perk tells podcast listeners about his time playing in Louisiana. He confesses how the rich local cuisine almost threatened his physique and career. And around Thanksgiving, they reveal what two retired athletes serve up at home.

The podcast hosts also analyze how the industry has and hasn't changed over the years. This, of course, includes candid commentary on mental health. But Swagu & Perk are also vocal about the kind of support young players receive (or the lack thereof).

Spears, aka Swagu, played for the Dallas Cowboys for eight consecutive years. Since that point, Swagu has become famous as a TV personality and sports commentator. He appears on ESPN's NFL Live, Get Up!, and First Take. Perkins, whom Swagu nicknamed "Big Perk," had a successful 16-year NBA career. He helped the Boston Celtics win a title in 2008. Since retiring in 2018, he's been working as an ESPN sports analyst.

The Swagu & Perk podcast is an unpretentious and inspiring show. Both sports fans and aspiring athletes may enjoy the program.

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