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Money Confidential, a new podcast from Real Simple, explores the many aspects of money: making it, saving it, investing it, giving it, spending it and—sometimes, hardest of all—talking about it. Each week, Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez, a nationally recognized money expert, delves into your (confidential) money problems and delivers smart, practical, and completely doable solutions that will help you work toward your ultimate financial goals. She cuts through the confusion of investing beyond your 401(k), eases the overwhelming pressure of paying off student debt while saving for the future, and even tackles the stress that comes with mixing money and relationships (Is it really OK to keep money secrets from your partner?!). This is the place to come for real talk about money—and real solutions that actually work. read less

Our Editor's Take

When it comes to finance podcasts, the target audience tends to be people with a lot of assets. Money Confidential is different. It's a show for younger people, first-time homebuyers, and recent college graduates. These are people who may carry more debt than they're comfortable with. They are at the cusp of independent adulthood with big choices to make. They may be confronting a problem for the first time and need guidance. Rising costs may concern them. What to do? This show has a few answers.

The host and producer of the show is Stefanie O'Connell Rodriguez. She has years of experience writing about money. Her articles have appeared in Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, and many more publications. Stefanie is the author of the popular women's career newsletter, Too Ambitious. Her work on Money Confidential has earned her several awards and mentions.

Each podcast episode starts with a conversation between Stefanie and a listener with a conundrum. How to ask for a prenup without causing offense? Can a single person afford to buy a house? Is it possible to pay down $500,000 in college loans? How much is too much for IVF? Stefanie then interviews an expert on the matter. For example, a family law attorney explains the role of prenuptial agreements. A mortgage lender explains the challenges of home buying. An expert on debt repayment shares her journey and advice. A woman who went through IVF had a financial strategy that worked.

The topics Stefanie chooses for Money Confidential are timely and relevant. Many episodes focus on navigating a volatile housing market. She has advice for listeners who feel they're not getting paid what they're worth. February and March episodes are all about taxes and deductions.

Money Confidential uses a holistic approach to solving money problems. Stefanie broaches topics like mental health, first-time parenthood, and social lives. She understands that people are more than just their portfolio. People anxious about money may find this to be a great resource. It's a non-judgmental space and a fantastic source of information.

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