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The official podcast of the C-Bus Paranormal investigation team based out of central Ohio. Investigator / Author Johnathon Robson will be coming at you every month with Ghost Stories, Legends, Cryptids, and various other topics related to the paranormal field. read less
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Episode 7 : Paranormal Review (Ghost Adventures: Watch-Along)
Jul 31 2022
Episode 7 : Paranormal Review (Ghost Adventures: Watch-Along)
Legends, Lies, and Satanic Pigeon's from hell! (Oh my!)  After spending two episodes sorting out the facts and legends of Historic Prospect Place Mansion... there was only one thing left to do. Rewatch one of the worst paranormal television shows ever filmed at the location. The Ghost Adventures episode of Prospect Place Mansion.During this episode Johnathon Robson will be forced to sit down, watch, and react to the episode in question. For those that would like to "Watch-Along" you will need to find the episode on your favorite streaming platform (Discovery +, Amazon, Youtube, etc.), get the episode ready to play, and then listen to our episode. From there we will give a countdown on the Paracast and tell you to press play when it's time.  At that point our audio will by sync'd with the episode, and you can watch / listen to our commentary of the episode in real time.For those without streaming apps... Luckly a free link to the episode is still available on the Travel Channel website.  You will just have to pause our audio with each commercial break, and immediately press play once it comes back.  Link to the episodehttps://www.travelchannel.com/videos/prospect-place-0147369-------------------------------------------------Sponsored by B&B Concrete -    B&B Concrete&  Spice 4 Lives Foods   -  Spice 4 Lives FoodsIntro / Outro Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio" Segment music provided by Darren CurtisSupport the showAffiliate Links:GhostStop - Paranormal equipment made by investigators for investigators! Buzzsprout - Podcast Hosting! Subscribe to Buzzsprout Subscriptions for bonus C-Bus Paranormal content!