Episode #3: Who told you teachers were superheroes?

Teaching Matters 101 Podcast

Mar 1 2023 • 25 mins

Welcome to a brave space to discuss teaching matters through the belief that good, soulful teaching really does matter.  In this space, we are curators of culturally responsive teaching and leadership spaces where we believe in the power of student engagement, teacher self-efficacy, and strong professional development that matters!

In this episode, we're rejecting the lie that teachers are superheroes.


We are humans who teach.
We are humans who answered the call to serve.
We are humans who love what we do, but we love ourselves too.

Tap into this episode to take your power back and learn the value in saying no, while still doing the work of teaching from the soul to reach the soul.

Dr. Melanie Battles leads professional development workshop series in the areas of brain based teaching, social emotional learning, student and adult wellness, and strategic planning and implementation of culturally responsive leadership.

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