The Best Biome

Rachel Roth and Nicole Brown

Prairie biologists make the ever-growing argument for why grasslands are the world's best biome. read less
[S2E16] Good Vibes Only
May 25 2023
[S2E16] Good Vibes Only
Conservation can be DEPRESSING, so for Mental Health Month we decided to share ONLY positive news and stories (after taking a little break for our brains). Rewire those neurons everybody, because it's not all bleak. Good news so far in May: Biden-Harris Administration announced $36 million for national forests and grasslandsDakota Prairie Grasslands received $464,000 of that to improve access.US Department of Agriculture and the Interior announced $2.8 billion in funding for 2024 authorized by the Great American Outdoors Act to improve access to management and recreation opportunities on national forests and grasslands.Proposed CRP Reform Act of 2023TNC funding 9 grasslands research projects thru 2023 JE Weaver Small Grands AwardsArizona is restoring migration routes for pronghorn and mule deerSouth Dakota spending $1 mil restoring grasslandsNo-Mow-Summer in Dengibghshire County, WalesEarless Dragon burrows (Video)Saving Phu My, one of the Mekong Delta’s last natural grasslandsUN International Year of Rangelands and PastoralistsWWF Policy Actions to Save GrasslandsThere's still time to save the Cerrado! (New Research)Cargill got sued over Cerrado deforestation again. Good news deep dives: Success in the Savanna: Blue-throated Macaw Update2022 State of the Birds ReportNorth American Grasslands Conservation ActGreat Plains Ecotourism CoalitionUtah Wildlife Board approves changes to Utah prairie dog rule Contact Website Facebook Twitter