The Los Feliz Murder Mansion

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Abandoned for 60 years after a murder-suicide, this infamous Los Angeles murder house finally gets the deep dive investigation you’ve been craving. Nearly a decade in the making, in this 7-part series, a documentary filmmaker takes you on a wild ride as she investigates this infamous property. By the end, all your questions will finally be answered. View exclusive content and footage at read less

Our Editor's Take

Murder houses, haunted homes, and murder-suicides inhabit many true crime podcast series. But The Los Feliz Murder Mansion podcast also asks an ominous question. Do murder homes remain cursed forever? The address that spawned a many-decades-long mystery is 2475 Glendower Place, Los Angeles.

Built in 1925, the mansion sits near Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House, a popular film location. But in fact it is the scene of multiple murders involving past tenants and owners. The most infamous of all those cases is that of the Perelson family. On December 6, 1959, Dr. Harold Perelson did the unthinkable. Using a ball-peen hammer, he bludgeoned his wife, Lillian, to death, and attacked his daughter, Judye, before taking his own life. Judye and her two young siblings lived to tell the tale to police.

Documentary filmmaker Stacy Astenius retells this and other gruesome stories involving the property. She also examines topics such as mental health, L.A. history, and architecture. But the 5,050-square-foot Spanish revival mansion maintains its status as the sinister star of the show throughout. It makes The Los Feliz Murder Mansion a great choice for crime fans looking for a fresh approach to the genre. All episodes are now available on Amazon Music.

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